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Battlefield 4 Purchase

Battlefield 4, I didn’t jump on it and pre-purchase like I had in the past.  I didn’t even give it a thought really.  During the downtime of the Rust servers I needed something else to play so started looking around.  Ah, BF4, better give that a try.

I don’t know what it is about those games.  Seems a lot like Call of Duty.  People constantly spawning behind your back.  Doesn’t seem very skill based.  No matter what position you set up in to defend someone always spawns randomly and kills you.  I played it for a few hours then realized I wasted $50 again on a game I’ll never play.

I think that’s why Counter-Strike never gets old.  You always spawn on one side of the map and you know that the enemy isn’t going to spawn behind you.

Anyways don’t waste your money.