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2013 Rumors and Development

Halflife 3 will most probably be rated as the “Most Awaited Game of 2013” in the coming days. There have been several rumours and developments on the purported sequel to publisher Valve’s runaway success, Half Life 2, for a long time now.

The game’s fans have taken to the social media to remind Valve that they have not given up hope on a sequel.

Valve, on the other hand, has been busy with several other projects like DOTA 2. The company has not responded to the pleas of its fans and refrained from commenting on any Half Life 3 speculation.

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Half-Life 3 to Appear at Gamescom

Half-Life 3 may be officially confirmed and shown off for the first time at Gamescom 2012.

The title appears on an official listing on the Gamescom site that proclaims all the games we’ll be finding out during the show. However, according to the document’s header, the Gamescom site basically says the information it lists isn’t necessarily reliable (translated from the top of the document). The list also features BioShock Infinite, which Irrational said earlier this year would not be shown at Gamescom.

Though never officially confirmed, fans of the series have been hoping for the title for an extended period of time. Frustration at Valve’s refusal to discuss the sequel last year led to a fan driven campaign to force the company to talk, with limited success.

There has been no word at all from Valve over whether this rumour is correct, and it seems unlikely we’ll hear anything now until the reveal actually does (or doesn’t) happen.

We speculated earlier this year that the time was ripe for the company to reveal Half-Life 3 and, after a quiet E3 for Valve, it’ll be interesting to see whether Valve has decided at long last to put us out of our misery.