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Steam hit by DDoS attack as Twitter users claim responsibility – report

Steam has reportedly been hit by a DDoS attack, following a similar assault on EA’s Origin service. A pair of Twitter users have since claimed responsibility for connection issues experienced on Valve’s service.

It follows a hacker group taking responsibility for outages of EA’s Origin store. The publisher has since taken it servers offline to combat the issue.

Kotaku reports that Steam has suffered connection issues on both its store and community services through the night, and that one Twitter userstepped forward to announce their involvement:

LARCENY has also posted a screen grab of the software used to carry out the supposed attacks.

Upon trying to load up the Steam store tab this morning, I was greeted by this screen:

It’s unclear if the connection issue has indeed been caused by the group claiming responsibility, but we will update you as we learn more.

Steam Support has been quiet on the matter, but we’ve contacted Valve for comment.


EA Origin servers down, hacker group claims responsibility

EA’s Origin servers are down, causing widespread connectivity issues across the publisher’s catalogue of games, allegedly due to hacker activity.

EA’s digital PC storefront Origin is currently offline, and multiplayer linked to Origin IDs has also been intermittently affected, with online-only games like Star Wars: The Old Republic most troubled.

Individual game Twitter feeds, as well as EA’s core support account, have acknowledged the issue and assured users that the matter is under investigation, but provided no further information.

Hacker and troll group Derp has not been so reticent, claiming responsibility for bringing the service down, apparently via a DDOS attack.

The group has not explained its motivation for the attack, but a later comment suggests it sees Origin as an unnecessary rival to Steam.

Thanks, Polygon.

How to populate your game server

So you’ve decided it’s time to purchase your own game server.  You’ve played in others and for one reason or another you want to take on the responsibility.  Finding a decent host, purchasing the server, and setting up the configs are all the easy part.  Now how do you plan to get your server populated?

You could spend hours playing against bots or by yourself hoping that a few people will stumble in and it will begin to snowball.  This can take an enormous amount of time.  My last CS:GO server took me about 2-3 weeks to get populated and ~120 hours.  Then once it was populated it ran on it’s own for the most part, but still required some maintenance population boosting from time to time.

Most people probably don’t have the time or drive to  dedicate that much effort into their new or existing server.  That’s where Old School Gamer’s comes in.  We are currently in the alpha stages of our application, but here’s the final goal.  Our service allows you to populate your server with real people.  As your server is seen by others as consistently full the server will gain reputation and start to stay full on it’s own.  Our vision is to have a community of gamers that play any and all games that have a multiplayer variant.  Server owners can come an purchase packages to help populate their servers.  From there the gamer that’s going to play the game regardless can pick and choose what server to join to earn some cash while having fun!

As mentioned above we are still in the alpha stages of the application.  We have began taking users into the gaming community.  The goal is to have the gamers all setup and ready to earn when we flip the switch for server owners to start purchasing packages.  If you’re a gamer you can register here.  If you’re a server owner with question feel free to register and send me a message on the forums.

Promotion to Recruit Officer

As our membership base continues to grow and we see applications increasing, leadership wanted to respond to this influx by promoting 2 members to Recruit Officers. The purpose of creating this position was to help make sure that people who were genuinely trying to be a part of the community would be assigned to an “instant buddy” who they could shadow, ask questions and have someone to vouch for them or help them with anything they need to know.

Their position entails:

1. Being assigned new applicants after they apply by me (current recruits/applicants will be assigned per below.)

2. Recruit officer adds their applicants/recruits to their Steam friends if they are not already and touches base with them.

3. These people are now the Officer’s “buddies” and the Officer is the go-to person for questions or concerns about the clan.

4. It is the Officer’s job to make people aware of when their applicants reach their 2 week mark after they applied so they are eligible to be sponsored. Officers can sponsor their applicants.

5. It is the Officer’s job to make me aware of when their recruits’ 2 week recruitment period is reached so they are eligible for a membership vote.

6. Any problems with applicants/recruits can be handled at the Officer’s discretion and if it’s important enough, told to leaders so they are aware.

With that said, leadership felt Fusion and Christine were good fits for the position and their positions are in place effective immediately. Fusion is currently in the process of moving and may be in and out for the next 2 weeks, so I will double up with his applicants so they get the support they need.

For current recruits/applicants, here are the assignments:

1. MSgtReaper
2. Habanero Hero
3. D0m
4. Boo.b
5. Dragoon
6. Pwnanza
7. Zolyrica
8. MERC Janos
9. areyouholdin
10. Honu

1. Xeno
2. Kush
3. MJ
4. Glock
5. pd26
6. Solo
7. Superdan
8. mrhuynh
9. Ratao
10. El-Presidente
11. Reverend

Please join me in congratulating Christine and Fusion on their promotions and ask any questions if you may have them about this new system.