Counter Strike: Global Offensive Beta Updated

Today’s CS: GO update fixes some bugs and brings new UI features.

The folks at Valve have been busy lately as they’ve also released an update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta, along the one for Dota 2. The update fixes a number of bugs, like various HUD and scoreboard issues, and adds new UI features and community functions. Full patch notes are below.

• Added Message of the Day
• Added a message when running without Steam to inform the users that the game requires Steam to be running.
• Added support for radar user message breaking up into several messages to allow for servers with large playercounts to not break user message stream when encountering too many entities.
• Updated the scoreboard so that if a game has a max of ten players you will see a compact scoreboard.
• Update to HUD voice status – darkened chat background from 32% opaque to 45% to increase readability of messages.
• Leaderboards input device filter now defaults to mouse and keyboard.

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed a bug where a dash was displayed when there was no score in the scoreboard.
• Fixed an issue with the HUD scaling not working with some elements.
• Enabled controller sampling regardless of input lock.
• Fixed several vgui fonts being too large at larger resolutions.
• Ignore low violence registry settings for CS:GO since we have no low violence regions.
• Fixed winning text not getting updated for arms race.
• Fixed win panel misalignments.
• Updated the scoreboard to fill from top to bottom for the order of players joining.
• Updated the scoreboard – moved the nav buttons up when you play with 10 players. Added a more opaque background.

Community Support:
• Added convars for better server customization:
o mp_solid_teammates – Determines whether teammates are solid or not.
o mp_free_armor – Determines whether armor and helmet are given automatically.
o mp_weapons_allow_zeus – Determines whether the Zeus is purchasable or not.
o mp_halftime – Determines whether or not the match has a team-swapping halftime event.
• Omitted reference to ranking or matchmaking from button warning.

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