playrust.eu server hosting review

So looking to get your own Rust server?  Well I have just had an experience with playrust.eu that I would like to share with you all.

First off, don’t use them.  They have been nothing but a pain since I first gave them my money.  At the beginning everything I found on them said that it’s instant setup on their servers.  This was a big part of the reason I went with them.  Well after approx 2 days I finally got my server.  During this time I opened a ticket, that took 4+ hours to even get a status response.  Their support was slow and avoided most of my questions.  I always felt like I was getting the brush off.  I asked for a refund as I went through another provider and got the instant setup I wanted.  They just said we don’t give refunds and that was it.  So they basically have no guarantee of satisfaction.

Hands down the worst I’ve dealt with over the years of any game server provider.   Watch out for these guys.

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