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Rust Issues

Appears they got it all cleaned up.  My Rust server has been up consistently for several days now.  About time :)

From the Rust website:

Happy New Year everyone!

We’re excited to get back to improving the game in the new year! And thanks to everyone for their patience throughout last week.
Also, a big thanks to MuchDifferent for assigning their engineers to help solve the problem(s) as quickly as possible.

See you all in-game!

Ongoing Rust Server Issues

Seems they still cannot get it resolved.  Server providers are not offering any breaks on billing either.

If you have any information about the DDoS attacks, please email me at garry@playrust.com

We already have quite a bit of information – but we’re looking for people to confirm suspicions. So if you have any information on who is attacking us, how they are attacking us, or where they’re attacking us from – please let us know on the address above. Even if you think you’re repeating what we already know it can be very useful to us because it will add weight to them.

If the attackers want to contact us on the above address to work with us to fix exploits then feel free.. but please don’t expect anything in return. Attacking us is not the way to get what you want. In fact, it’s a pretty good way to guarantee that the opposite will happen.


Hey all, we’re still working hard with MuchDifferent to solve the attack issues. We’re really sorry about the downtime and are working to have it resolved as soon as possible. We’re doing our best, and as usual we will post new information as soon as possible. Thanks for playing everyone.


I have updated the server browser to only display a subset of servers, in a paged manner. This should solve the lag we were having when it was listing 2,000 servers. Let us know in the comments if I totally broke something while doing this. I changed the chat text colour too.. but I didn’t have time to do anything else today, sorry guys :(

As mentioned in the previous post, Helk and Pat are working with MuchDifferent to try to reduce the impact the DDOS attacks can have on Rust. We could not be happier with the dedication they’re showing us right now (doubly so considering it’s the weekend, and the holidays)

The attacks are still happening on and off. We’re doing everything we can to stop them from happening – and will hopefully have a longer term solution in place in the next few days. We once again apologise for them. Lets get through this together :)

Steam Master Server

It seems like steam is periodically rejecting some users and failing to authenticate them.

We’ve reset the official servers and this seems to have fixed the issue for 99% of people. If you’re having trouble connecting to a community server, you’ll need to wait for them to restart their server. For the few who are having trouble connecting to the official servers we are looking into this issue, however it appears to only affect a very small portion of users. It is recommended you apply any pending steam updates and try again. We will keep you posted with any new developments.



EDIT: This seems to be happening again to a bunch of users, we changed nothing so it has to be an issue with steam itself, or we’re authenticating users wrong. I have contacted the person responsible for maintaining this element of the game and they will look into it as soon as possible!