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uLink Networking Vulnerability Fixed

It looks like the vulnerability in the uLink networking library which rust is using was fixed. We could verify this on our installations. The update is not yet live on the dev or stable branch, but we’ve update all our official servers and facepunch updates theirs – and it looks very good so far. It will probably go “live” in the next two days.

Once the fix is 100 percent a fix for the issue, news on http://playrust.com/ will appear and the update will be released by the developers.

Rust Updates

Seems they are making some progress on fixing the server issues for Rust.  Applied the updates and our server is now back up.

We’ve added some countermeasures, server admins should update their servers and let us know how it’s running. Will have more information tomorrow

Just a quick bit of information, We are working directly with the uLink staff in an attempt to solve this issue.  More information as soon as it’s available