UGS – Review

Previously when I wrote about I had pre-ordered a CS:GO server and was waiting for it to be setup once Valve released the server files.  No problem I knew this was probably the case with any of the server companies.  Before ordering I made a call to the number I found on the website as their Alexa ranking was in the 1 million plus range I was hesitant to order from them.  After speaking with Ronnie I felt more comfortable and purchased the server.

The next day I opened a support ticket asking if the server would be available during CS:GO Beta on August 14th as I and others had pre-ordered the game and would like to be able to play on the server.  Over 12 hours later I received a reply in broken English and bad grammar saying that Valve had sent the CS:GO files so he cannot get a server up yet.  Well what he meant was that Valve had *NOT sent the files yet.  The attention to detail such as that example was completely a turn off for me.

Another issue I found was the user interface for logging in and managing your services was pretty clunky.  I tried my best to give it a chance, but when you visit the site you cannot even save your credentials, each time manually entering them again.  Overall my experience with them was not good and I would not recommend them to anyone.

Lastly I have since opened another ticket asking for a refund.  I ended up ordering another server that’s up and running since the day I ordered.  It was over 2 days this time before I received a reply again in poor grammar and broken English claiming that I never asked for a beta server, I had pre-ordered a launch date CS:GO server.  I don’t see how that makes sense after the other conversations we have had.  I assume at this point I’ll just write that money off as it looks as though they are going to keep my money.  It’s only $30 so not a big loss, but figured I would put this out there to save anyone else the trouble.

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