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Evil Genius Online – 20131025_EGO_CB004.02

– 161832: [Errors & Warnings] ActionScript error when loading a lair with a Metal Foundry in it
– 161997: [Missions & Objectives] Text on rewards screen for Health & Safety does not make sense
– 161749: [Lair & Environment] Unable to upgrade my Metal Foundry
– 161451: [User Interface] Update the Inbox graphics and align the text within the buttons
– 161988: [Marketplace] Buy button still active and charging you gems in the marketplace after reaching the resource limit
– 162181: [Database] Vending Machines are more powerful than Money Launderer
– 161782: [Text & Localisation] Chemical Shortage – Slight inconsistency between text in mission objectives. Max/ Maximilian
– 162194: [Missions & Objectives] Chemistry Lessons not completing
– 162147: [Text & Localisation] Increased Evil – Full stop required after one of the objectives
– 162150: [Text & Localisation] Raking It In – Question mark required in Penny’s objective dialogue text
– 161938: [Marketplace] Recruitment drives cost more to hire a minion than using the roster ‘plus’ button
– 162069: [Text & Localisation] Certain resource descriptions require full stops at the end
– 162057: [Marketplace] Paint Stripper is not for resale
– 162059: [Server] Crash on attempting to sell x99 paint stripper
– 162203: [Database] Make Keystroke Logger value 1 Gem
– 162180: [Missions & Objectives] The Roulette Wheel opens too late
– 162079: [Gameplay] Using a Pistol to execute a minion raises the player’s exp by 11 Points
– 161915: [Missions & Objectives] Hitting a limit of revival elixirs stops mission progress
– 162125: [Missions & Objectives] Health and Safety contains poor English
– 162116: [Text & Localisation] Eye for Art – “Have a Easter Island Head in your Lair” should be “an Easter”
– 158194: [Audio] Audio QA session to improve quality and feedback to user input
– 161852: [Social Elements] Adding to your syndicate form the community doesn’t always add you to their social bar.
– 160681: [Sign Posted Events] Sign Post Event camera did not focus on my minion who was levelling up

Evil Genius Online – 20131024_EGO_CB004.01

– 162038: [Database] Early equipment takes too long to build

Evil Genius Online – 20131024_EGO_CB004.00

– 161283: [Functionality] Context error crash on IE
– 161450: [User Interface] Old font being used in the ‘next’ box
– 161452: [User Interface] Update the font used on alert boxes
– 155398: [Edit Mode] Tabbing out of game while placing a prop
– 160179: [Sign Posted Events] Out of world camera when minion levelled up for the first time
– 161662: [Functionality] Item Limit breaks mission system
– 161906: [Camera] Camera shows out of world as a minion levels up
– 159017: [Sign Posted Events] Minion level up to level 2 results in minion level up sing post more than once.
– 161846: [Missions & Objectives] Send and Complete buttons are overlapped for ‘Wake up’
– 158407: [Animation] Completing an assignment before a minion has got to the prop causes their animation to be offset
– 161796: [Minions] Minions will continue to run towards an assigned task after it has been completed by hurrying assignment
– 161758: [Graphics] No reflection of the “On Strike” picket sign on the floor
– 161756: [Graphics] Alpha maps not applied in the reflection of rotating discs on the Data Stealer
– 159566: [Task – Art] Check new minion types for bad weight maps
– 160633: [Task – Code (Client)] Implement encryption of the .swf
– 156712: [Animation] Can we add some audio and lights to the command centre cutscene
– 158058: [Social Elements] Posting a request for a resource on your wall displays a gifting message
– 161469: [Minions] Striking minions are not getting the full amount of obedience from assignments
– 161486: [Gameplay] Minions levelling up should receive an obedience boost
– 161660: [Task – Code (Client)] Log client and server latency
– 161563: [Graphics] Water cooler showing a few texture seams when placing it in your lair
– 161026: [Graphics] Could Rat and Spy Camera Junk get a Reflection?
– 161484: [User Interface] Touch screen – The buy/sell arrows are very hard to hit with touch controls
– 161370: [User Interface] Clicking ‘recruitment drive’ button on the busy minions message results in ‘build more lockers’ message appearing too quickly
– 161557: [User Interface] Don’t Go Slack – Collect 20 pieces of Data for Max – Send button is partially hidden behind the Complete button
– 161463: [User Interface] Update the Photo UI so that the outer box resembles the other windows
– 161357: [Gameplay] Junk spawning shouldn’t happen on AI lairs
– 161457: [Lair & Environment] Assignments are not greyed out on props when your minions are on strike
– 158330: [Gameplay] Build and prop placement is not allowed
– 161392: [User Interface] Parts of the UI remain on screen during a Time Portal


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