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Major Known Issues:

  • Some ships may be spawning without items or without the ability to “flight ready”. W/A: If this happens please file an insurance claim to replace the ship.
  • First implementation of persistence bed spawning will have numerous bugs and issues.
  • Items and ships placed in hangars are not persisting between sessions.



Focus Feature Updates


  • Updated quantum travel effects for the Khartu-Al.
  • Added some additional set content around space derelicts.
  • Added admin office counter plus an admin NPC to GrimHex and Port Olisar. Note: This NPC will be part of many port based delivery missions and is intractable.
  • Updating airlock cycle lighting to show distinct stages.



Ships and Vehicles

  • Retuned Nox and Dragonfly angular values to fix various gravlev issues.
  • Changed all screens designated as “support screens” to MFDs.
  • Constellation series: Adjusted auxiliary lighting in the cargo bay of Constellations to make it easier for players to see.
  • Aurora series: Polish for exit bed animations, interior lighting adjustments, and added new glass shader to the MFD panels.
  • Retaliator: Updated bed enter/exit animations and pod doors.


Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted the Starfarer Captain MFD position.
  • Medical supplies should no longer manifest as agricultural supplies.
  • Players should no longer return T-posed when logging out in the bed of the Prospector.
  • Adjusted the auto-landing on the Cutlass so it situates properly on the pad.
  • Entering the ship via EVA should no longer pass the player through the geometry for Mustang Gamma and Omega.
  • Players should no longer be able to exit the Buccaneer while its in motion.
  • The Mustangs Gamma and Omega should now have their proper paint schemes.
  • The Cutlass should now have two beds and players should no longer return to them T-posed.
  • Players should no longer return T-posed when logging out in the Mustang Beta’s bed.
  • Elevators at Levski should no longer close on the player and trap them.
  • Players should no longer be able to remove items from the shop by trying them on and walking away.
  • Various fixes for floating and clipping assets at Levski.
  • Players should no longer be able to get stuck in a “falling” state.
  • The top of the MobiGlas should no longer be cut off while in EVA.
  • Avenger engine trails should no longer clip through the ship when maneuvering at speed.
  • Fixed various objective and placement issues related to black box recovery missions.
  • Improved interaction highlights and interaction prompt usability on the Starfarer’s docking airlock.
  • Fixed an issue where only one MFD would work at any given time.
  • Fixed side-door collision issue on Caterpillar.
  • Adjusted missing or broken VFX for quantum travel on several ships.
  • Players should now be able to enter the command module doorway on the derelict Caterpillar.
  • Fixed an issue where the objective marker for recovery stolen goods was in the wrong location.
  • Fixed an issue where ATC did not see Starfarers on pads, causing players to be able to spawn another on top.
  • Players should no longer return T-posed when logging out of the bed of the 300 series.
  • Fixed various lighting issues in Levski.
  • Fixed various VFX issues associated with the destruction of Avengers.
  • Removed unsealed helmets and updated pricing for helmets at shops.
  • Added new shop mannequins for undersuits only.
  • Reversing joystick animations on the Constellation series so they animate properly.
  • Fixed issues with lighting (appearing black) for the Turret and exterior doors of the Warden and Hoplite.
  • Automated Turrets should now properly function in multiplayer.
  • Reworked Ruto’s waste disposal mission so it doesn’t spawn multiple instances and lock players out of accessing Ruto.



  • Various crash fixes.
  • Minor performance tweak.


Non-Focus Feature Updates

Non-Focus Feature Updates


Content missing key elements:

  • User Interface
  • Insurance and Persistence
  • Internal Ship Docking
  • Comm System


Bugs, issues, and work arounds (W/A):

  • Items and ships placed in hangars are not persisting between sessions.
  • Vehicle customizer app on wrong MobiGlas button and not yet functioning.
  • Repaired wings don’t always restore weapons.


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