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Major Known Issues:

    • You may see some unusual AI, derelict, and asteroid activity around the verse.
    • 3D radars (both ship and helmet) are not rendering properly in planet atmosphere.
    • VMA is a work in progress and has numerous issues including: Unable to unequip shop components, 3D weapon holograms don’t rotate with ship, and some ships are missing hard-points.
    • Control changes are incomplete and may have bugs and issues. Known: Alt modifier activates free look as well. Suicide does not function.
    • Some ships may be spawning without items or without the ability to “flight ready”. W/A: If this happens please file an insurance claim to replace the ship.
    • First implementation of persistence bed spawning will have numerous bugs and issues.
    • Items and ships placed in hangars are not persisting between sessions.


Focus Feature Updates


    • Tweaked the fuel consumption rate back to previous values but kept the new fuel tank capacities and recharge rates.
    • Moved Starmap icons to be camera facing in default view.
    • Removed ATC from Cryastro.
    • The Drake Cutlass Black has joined the derelict ranks.
    • Added flares on planet derelicts to make them more visible at night.



    • Increased the time of the Eckhart issued escort mission so that it doesn’t fail regularly.
    • Rebalanced the pirate waves to remove the M50s.



    • Added item port highlights to the PMA.

Ships and Vehicles

    • Ship health and armor balance pass. Ship health now correlates more closely with the size of a ship. All ships now have varying degrees of armor, with those ships more dedicated to combat being more heavily armored. Note from the designer: “This means the smaller ships like the M50, Aurora and Mustangs will not have much health relative to the larger ships. This is intended as we are trying to apply a proper scale of health to all the ships. Armour has been balanced around the ship’s function. The intent is to balance it so that a ship’s armour reduces energy damage more than physical damage. The exception is with Vanduul ships, which have their damage multipliers reversed.”
    • Ursa Rover: Turned on interior auxillary lighting, reduced overall health.
    • Gladiator: Added more interaction prompts for entry and made interacting with them easier.


Bug Fixes

    • Ships should now no longer be able to occupy the same space when returning after bed logout.
    • The pilot’s feet should no longer be contorted backwards on the Dragonfly.
    • Hangar flair plants should now properly render when placed.
    • The port-side landing gear should now function properly on the Glaive.
    • The throttle animation on the Mustangs should no longer be reversed.
    • Various repairs to the Avenger Warlock and its EMP to get the ship fully functional again.
    • Quantum jumps should now take planetary rotation into account, so players will no longer end up off of their intended destination.
    • The copilot of the Cutlass should no longer steal weapon control from the pilot.
    • Fix for Port Olisar not always obstructing quantum travel destinations.
    • Adjusted seat access highlights for the Caterpillar command module to have interactions be at eye level and less prone to odd behavior.
    • Altruciatoxin and Widow commodities should now be properly placed inside the destination ship when purchased.
    • There should now be atmosphere in the zone between the body and the cockpit of the Herald.
    • Weapons and turrets should now properly take and transfer damage to their parent ships.
    • Entering the beds of the Constellations from 3rd person view should no longer snap the camera to the pilot seat.
    • The player should now properly exit the seat when finished interacting with Eckhart.
    • Fixed unattended ship marker remaining on the UI when a ship is cleaned up after illegal landing.
    • Dying and then respawning in 3rd person view should no longer place the camera inside of the player’s head.
    • Fixed holographic objects casting shadows from player helmet lights.
    • The rear door of the prospector should now highlight properly when accessed via interaction system.
    • Computer consoles and books should no longer overlap the delivery area at Port Olisar.
    • Player suicide action should now function properly again.
    • Fixed some seat exit issues with the Scythe so it should now work reliably.
    • Fixed flight ready prompt on the Prospector floating away from the panel.
    • The ship’s 3D radar should no longer generate particle effects.
    • Removed a pillar in the Caterpillar cargo area where the ladders are located so the player doesn’t get stuck with a full cargo load.
    • The cargo door control panel on the Reliant should now highlight properly with interaction system.
    • Players should no longer have actions locked into a “carrying” state when throwing a carry-able item.
    • Audio should now properly play when requesting a landing pad or landing.
    • Dying while talking to the admin NPC should no longer break all interactions with them.
    • The radar should no longer stay on when the Freelancer is powered off.
    • The Aurora series should now have a radar.
    • Added some missing Retaliator QT effects.
    • Fixed incorrect targeting keymap for cycle friendly targets.
    • Attempting to open the Starmap while inside an EZHab should no longer cause the player to get stuck.
    • Swapped the VMA and Comms app icons.
    • The Cutlass should now orient properly for auto-landing.



    • Various Crash Fixes.
    • Various small performance tweaks.
    • Added internal tools to diagnose CPU spikes.


Non-Focus Feature Updates

Arena Commander

    • Adjusted the shield components on Vanduul and pirate swarm enemies.



    • New sniper scope texture.


Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a spawn/respawn issue in Vanduul swarm that would casual the cycle to repeat until you win.
    • Various polish and fixes to visual issues in the VFG Industrial hangar.


Known Issues:
Content missing key elements:

    • User Interface
    • Insurance and Persistence
    • Internal Ship Docking
    • Comm System


Bugs, issues, and work arounds (W/A):

  • Items and ships placed in hangars are not persisting between sessions.
  • Repaired wings don’t always restore weapons.



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