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Major Known Issues:

    • 3D radars (both ship and helmet) are not rendering properly in planet atmosphere.
    • VMA is a work in progress and has numerous issues.
    • Control changes are incomplete and may have bugs and issues. Known: Alt modifier activates free look as well. Suicide does not function.
    • Some ships may be spawning without items or without the ability to “flight ready”. W/A: If this happens please file an insurance claim to replace the ship.
    • First implementation of persistence bed spawning will have numerous bugs and issues.
    • Items and ships placed in hangars are not persisting between sessions.


Focus Feature Updates


    • Moved free look and spacebrake away from left-alt prevent accidental game closing, Z is now default free look and caps-lock default spacebrake.



    • Added Interdiction and Environmental Missions: There’s now a chance to be interdicted during quantum travel. Players will also find random encounters scattered throughout the verse.
    • Added law explanation journal entry aand starmap journaal entry to be given to the plaayer when they first spawn into Stanton.
    • Various VFX polish to atmospheric entry and traversal effects.
    • Added improved 3D markers.



    • Escort missions will now fail if the player obtains a wanted level or shoots at the escort, bonus pay will update silently.
    • Reduced the probability of enemies spawning at derelicts.


Ships and Vehicles

    • RTT screen set-up for engineering and turret MFDs on the Vanguard and the Retaliator.


Bug Fixes

    • Players should no longer be able to get trapped in some ships by crouching inside the canopy.
    • 3d radar contacts should no longer be offset in the Hornet series ships.
    • Fixed an issue where players wouldn’t see logout prompts when the ship was powered off.
    • Fixed ghosting on visor own/target holograms.
    • The loadout screen for Star Marine should no longer be blacked out.
    • Escort missions should now exclude players with a wanted level over two.
    • Hardpoint adjustments to ensure components are interchangeable for the following ships: Retaliator, Buccaneer, Cutlass, Aurora, Caterpillar, Prospector, Gladiator, Nox Khartu-Al, and Avenger.
    • Automated turrets should no longer continue to shoot at a destroyed ship.
    • Fixed numerous issues with clipping and force exits during Mustang series entry/exit.
    • The small elevator on the Constellation Aquila should now operate as expected.
    • Missiles on the Glaive/Scythe should no longer be able to be removed without the ability to replace.
    • The camera should no longer enter the wall when accessing the engineering station on the Caterpillar while in 3rd person view.
    • Ships should no longer be shown on the ASOP list at outposts where they can no longer be spawned.
    • Expanded the green zone at ArcCorp Mining Area 141 on Daymar to encompass the entire outpost as intended.
    • Fixed an issue where the objective would not display the location on the MobiGlas for some missions.
    • Illegal collection/delivery missions should now consistently spawn cargo.
    • Cargo capacity should now be visible on the ASOP terminal when a ship is highlighted.
    • The refueling audio should no longer play in a loop if the player leaves before the process finishes.
    • 1 SCU waste boxes should now appear properly.
    • Added missing ship armor for the Cutlass, Dragonfly, 85x, and Herald.
    • Adjusted ATC properties due to illegal spawning and added more locations to send players to if ATC parks their ship while the player is still inside.
    • The visor should no longer lag slightly behind player motion.
    • Quantum drives should now be interchangeable on the VMA.
    • Changed the cargo ramp interaction highlight to the button rather than the entire ramp of the Starfarer.
    • The combat visor should no longer be set into opaque boxes.
    • The ASOP terminals at outposts should now allow players to spawn ground vehicles.
    • You should no longer lose your radar when swapping between Navmap Scale and Radar Scale on the 3D radar.
    • The “Go to my location” button should now work on the 3D radar.
    • The 3D radar should now properly power off with the ship.



    • Arena Commander exit crash fix.
    • Server crash fix.
    • Various other crash fixes.


Non-Focus Feature Updates


Known Issues:

    • Content missing key elements:
    • User Interface
    • Insurance and Persistence
    • Internal Ship Docking


Comm System

  • Bugs, issues, and work arounds (W/A):
  • Items and ships placed in hangars are not persisting between sessions.
  • Repaired wings don’t always restore weapons.

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