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Major Known Issues:

    • You currently can not buy or sell cargo at Levski.
    • 3D radars (both ship and helmet) are not rendering properly in planet atmosphere.
    • VMA is a work in progress and has numerous issues.
    • Some ships may be spawning without items or without the ability to “flight ready”. W/A: If this happens please file an insurance claim to replace the ship.



Feature Updates


    • Failing an escort mission due to friendly fire now requires 2 incidents.
    • Added a minimum jump distance to interdiction to avoid alerts popping up immediately after starting the jump animation.
    • Gaining an initial invite to mission giver (Ruto and Eckhart) missions should now be easier.




    • Enabled VMA item preview and fixed some issues with item preview on the PMA.



Ships and Vehicles

    • Shifted some ship health to shield health.
    • IFCS improvements to increase rotational stability.




    • First implementation of dynamic inventory and pricing. Locations now have variable pricing that will fluctuate over-time based on stock levels and restock rates. Note: Still a work in progress and implemented at major spawn locations (GrimHex, Port Olisar, and Levski) only.



Bug Fixes

    • There should no longer be commodity kiosks at Levski that lack ship destinations.
    • Repaired the pilot seat animations on the 300 series ships.
    • Fix for several ships that behaved erratically when near surfaces including: Scythe, Vanguard, Khartu-Al, Herald, and Glaive.
    • The player should die as expected when their ship explodes while in an powered off state.
    • Fixed a small reflective light on the canopy of the Scythe/Glaive.
    • Fix for ships despawning shortly after the player exited.
    • Co-pilots should no longer break pilot ship control if they enter first.
    • Removed a ladder at the Caterpillar space derelict that was blocking access to mission objectives.
    • Black box recovery missions on Cellin should no longer fail shortly after accepting the mission.
    • Removed debug text from Gladius HUD.
    • Fix for the name and price of items not appearing correctly during purchasing.
    • The VMA should no longer repeat the ship list as you scroll.
    • Fix for some weapons not having their sights attached when equipped through the PMA.
    • Fixed an issue that caused mission deliveries to outposts to be impossible to complete.
    • Elements of the combat visor should no longer be missing after the pilot exits the seat.
    • Enabled scrollable description windows on the VMA and fixed various visual issues.
    • AI ships spawning for environmental missions should no longer spawn on top of one another.
    • The ship owner using bed logout should no longer leave the passengers in an unplayable state.
    • Ships should once again be able to target one another in Arena Commander.
    • Fix for the Cutlass not flying correctly in a straight line.
    • Outposts should now be able to detect when a landing pad is in use by a ship before spawning a vehicle.
    • Logging out on the planet’s surface from a ship’s bed should no longer cause the ship to respawn underneath the surface upon return.
    • Corrected some dialogue issues during Escort missions.
    • Players should now be able to swap and equip gimbals on the VMA.
    • The Calico helmet should now have its HUD back.
    • Repeatedly opening and closely the MobiGlas while in EVA should no longer break the character.




    • Various crash fixes.
    • Various performance tweaks.



Known Issues:

Content missing key elements:

    • User Interface
    • Insurance and Persistence
    • Internal Ship Docking
    • Comm System



Bugs, issues, and work arounds (W/A):

  • First implementation of persistence bed spawning will have numerous bugs and issues.
  • Items and ships placed in hangars are not persisting between sessions.
  • Repaired wings don’t always restore weapons.

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