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Alpha Patch 3.0.0aq has been released to the PTU, and is now available to test!  Patch should now show: PTU-694913

Major Known Issues:

    • 3D radars (both ship and helmet) are not rendering properly in planet atmosphere.
    • VMA is a work in progress and has numerous issues.
    • Control changes are incomplete and may have bugs and issues. Known: Alt modifier activates free look as well. Suicide does not function.
    • Some ships may be spawning without items, without the ability to “flight ready”, and without the ability to run cargo. W/A: If this happens please file an insurance claim to replace the ship.


Feature Updates


    • Updated keybinding images in options menu and added keybindings for cycling MFD screens.



    • Reduced the NPC population.



    • Reduced the number of enemies spawned during ECN missions.
    • Restored Ruto and Eckhart reputation prerequisites to intended values.



    • Scaled down the size of the “merged” weapon group PIP reticle.


Bug Fixes

    • The Constellation Aquila’s elevator should now open and close properly.
    • Fix for several helmets missing visor screens.
    • The Reliant and Khartu-Al can now only be entered and exited while the vehicle landing gear is down.
    • Players should no longer have their ship despawned quickly, provided they don’t have several ships scattered throughout the verse.
    • Fix for mission markers occasionally attaching to the player’s ship.
    • Players should no longer intermittently lose the ability to activate interaction mode.
    • The Scythe and Glaive should no longer be stuck in a broken state after the player exits the ship.



    • Various performance tweaks.
    • Crash fix.


Known Issues:

Content missing key elements:

    • User Interface
    • Insurance and Persistence
    • Internal Ship Docking
    • Comm System


Bugs, issues, and work arounds (W/A):

  • First implementation of persistence bed spawning will have numerous bugs and issues.
  • Items and ships placed in hangars are not persisting between sessions.
  • Repaired wings don’t always restore weapons.

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