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While everyone was dishing out their very best “Yargh!” on Saturday, Sept. 19, developer 3DClouds was busy drumming up hype for its upcoming action RPG, King of Seas. In a press release accompanied by a new gameplay trailer, 3DClouds provided ample details about its swashbuckling adventure. According to the release, King of Seas will send players out into rough waters to pillage and explore as they carve out a legacy of piracy.

King of Seas will feature a full campaign set across a procedurally generated world. As 3DClouds explains, “each time you start a new campaign, the game engine will generate a whole new game world for you to explore.” This promises endless replay value as players will be met with new hazards and seek out unique treasures every time they start from scratch. The dynamic world, which changes based on player action, aims to deliver a new, exciting experience that’s different for every player.

As players conquer new regions of the expansive map, they’ll have more of the vast open ocean to navigate. While that may make travel easy, it’s impossible to tell what dangers lie beyond the horizon. Violent weather systems can capsize a ship with ease, and rival pirate lords will impede passage to your next quest. “Naval battles are at the core of the King of Seas gameplay and learning how to navigate your way through the combat will be key to your success,” the press release states.

The more notorious a player becomes, the higher their bounty will grow. Want to amp up the challenge? King of Seas offers multiple difficulty levels, and each one multiplies the bounty on your head. Even the greatest pirates will need the right tools to shake off bounty hunters and privateers, and more than 20 skills across three branching talent trees will be valuable to surviving the open waters. Optimize your speed or put the focus on combat to create a playstyle that works will take you to the top.

A pirate captain is nothing without a ship, and King of Seas provides players with a host of options when it comes to their vessel. Sloops, flutes, frigates, galleons, and brigs round out five classes, all with their own perks. Whereas smaller ships will better maneuver the high seas, it’s the larger galleons that are sure to give your opponents a run for their treasure. 3DClouds has developed an expansive set of customization options to make your ship truly yours, with over 900 items available to decorate and perfect your vessel to your liking.


  • A quest-filled story that spans an epic journey across the dangerous seas
  • Dynamic, procedurally generated worlds for maximum replayability
  • Strategic navigation and tactical combat require careful planning to avoid being sunk to Davy Jones’ locker
  • Five, fully customizable ship classes
  • Voodoo rituals and ethereal navigation bring a touch of the supernatural

King of Seas is slated for release this holiday season for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and the Switch. Though the bulk of the excitement will surround the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, King of Seas is shaping up to be a high-seas adventure that all scallywags will want to get in on.

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