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The once intended to be free-to-play Torchlight II spin-off, Torchlight III, goes live on October 13 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam for PC. A Nintendo Switch version will be coming too but not until later in the year. Depending on the platform you purchase the game for, you’ll be treated to an exclusive-per-platform fairy pet that can be used in-game.

The next title in the series brought to you by Echtra games will, of course, feature the beloved hack-and-slash action RPG gameplay the franchise has been known for. Generally seen as the “happier Diablo,” players will take over the role as one of four archetypes: Dusk Mage, Forged, Railmaster, or Sharpshooter. The game’s timeline has been set one century after Torchlight II. 

As a player, you can choose to undertake this adventure alone, in offline single-player mode to save the world of Novastraia from invasion by the Netherim and its allies.There will also be an online four-player cooperative multiplayer mode to tackle the game’s three acts.

Other systems in place are the skills and gear as typical for an RPG, fully customizable forts, a challenging end-game experience called “Fazeer Shah’s Dun-Djinn,” and much more.

One thing that hasn’t changed since the very first Torchlight is that your character is always accompanied by a faithful pet, which in this iteration will be a dog, cat, or llama, and one additional platform exclusive pet.

The pet in question is known as a Glittersprite, and will differ in color based on the console it’s tied to. Xbox One players will receive the Verdant Glittersprite, Steam players can acquire the Violet Glitterspite, PlayStation 4 players will get the Azure colored version, with Switch being granted the Ashen Glittersprite.

Other than them being fairy-like creatures, at this time, it is unknown what exactly a Glittersprite is. Regardless, it’s definitely a point of excitement when new pets are introduced to the game.

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