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Ghost of Tsushima’s first major update is coming this month and is chock full of PlayStation exclusive goodies. First announced back in August, Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is being added to the game on October 16 via patch 1.1. The update is absolutely free for all Ghost of Tsushima players and includes a few requested features and changes, such as load-outs and a New Game+ mode.

The Legends portion of the update is the new online co-op mode that will let up to four players band together in a story separate from the original game. According to Darren Bridges, the senior game designer over at Sucker Punch, each player will choose one of four pre-made classes and battle it out with new enemies and characters based on Japanese mythology. These new online missions can be accessed either via the new Legends lobby or in the actual game by tracking down a character named Gyozen the storyteller.

The new missions were built exclusively with co-op in mind and will include their own trophies, cosmetics, and gear, which can be unlocked through gameplay. The story missions will feature a lot of combat and access will vary based on how large your party size is. There is also a four-player raid planned to launch shortly after Legends is released.

Update 1.1 will also add the heavily requested New Game+ option to Ghost of Tsushima. This feature will allow players to start over from the beginning of the game with all of their previous abilities, gear, and charms. Not to mention a brand new horse not found in the base game. New Game+ will also come with its very own trophies to unlock.

Players will finally be able to have loadouts of their armor setups. This gives players the ability to create specific load-outs tied to the different armors they own in-game. It’s a great feature, especially for those who don’t want to have to constantly swap each piece based on whether they’re heading into combat or traversing the beautiful island of Tsushima in search of mongol artifacts and hot springs.

One of the more burning questions from players has been if Sucker Punch had any plans for adding microtransactions into the game with the newest update. Unsurprisingly, the answer was a resounding, “No.” In an interview, Sucker Punch confirmed, “There are no microtransactions in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, and we have absolutely no plans to add them,” the developer said. “All of the content is unlocked through play.”

Fans of the feudal Japan masterpiece will get to download the Ghost of Tsushima: Legends update, patch 1.1, on October 16.

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