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In a twist that should have surprised literally no one, Marvel’s Avengers has its first announced DLC delay, with Kate Bishop, the first of two Hawkeyes that are being added to the game, having been delayed an unspecified amount of time.

In a post on the Avengers game blog, Scot Amos, the studio’s head, announced an appreciation package for players containing a wide range of in-game currency, including enough of the premium currency to afford a character skin and nameplate.

Amos also detailed a wide array of updates coming to the game at some point in the future related to community feedback centering on a ping system, being able to replay the campaign, and quality of life features like a high contrast mode for subtitles and better indicators for ranged enemy attacks.

He also shared work the studio is putting in to resolve crashes on PC, as well as fixes coming to matchmaking for multiplayer that will decrease waiting time and lead to faster matchmaking with better rewards.

Speaking of rewards, he addressed the coming AIM Cloning Lab missions, which will “guarantee an exotic drop for the first completion each week, and a notable chance of exotic drops for subsequent runs.” Amos didn’t clarify what sort of percentages those would equal to, but any increase to loot drops is a good thing in a loot game like Avengers.

Looking towards the endgame, Amos talked about the Mega Hive weekly missions, and announced the studio was looking at adding multiplayer matchmaking to that mode as well.

He also talked about Omega-Level Threats, which will be coming the next few weeks, which are “multiplayer-focused challenges that are tuned for high-end players and offer special late-game rewards.” He claims these are the “first step towards even more exciting and challenging late-game content.” While he doesn’t explain or even hint at those future plans, I’d take it with a grain of salt until we see exactly what these new missions are like.

For the big point of the update, Amos talks about the delay of Kate Bishop, the first DLC hero being added to the game. He says that the studio has “decided to push Kate Bishop’s Operation launch back a bit, out of October.” How long that means or why she was delayed he doesn’t go into, but he does say that the team is dedicated to “quality first” so it could be that her abilities or something else about her addition was leading to even more bugs than the game already has.

Something else Amos mentions but that didn’t seem to make many headlines is that the game’s launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X is being pushed to next year, although you’ll still be able to play the current iteration on the next-gen consoles, just without whatever upgrades Crystal Dynamics is planning on putting out to take advantage of the new hardware.

He does make sure to mention that players will be able to carry forward their save data at no additional cost, and that players will be able to upgrade to the next-gen version of the game for free as well.

What exactly is in store for Avengers is unknown, but Crystal Dynamics seems set on getting out quality content to fans while also improving what is currently existing, which is certainly something worth applauding, especially with so many games currently out that are barely playable.

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