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Thermaltake’s newest case, the AH T200 Micro Chassis, has hit their online store today.

The smaller version of their AH T600 Full Tower case, the T200 is also retailing for $100 less than the larger case, but of course that comes with drawbacks.

The case is an open frame chassis design meaning it’s great for ventilation, and also features hinged, tempered glass side panels to compliment the helicopter cockpit-like design.

The glass panels are pretty large and 4mm thick. The tempering means they’re more scratch resistant, and you’ll be able to show off the RGB lighting and components to their full glory from a wide number of angles, although the smaller form factor means you’ll need to be a master at cable management to really maximize the space you have available. There’s no hiding behind opaque side panels here to hide messy cable management.

The other selling point for the case is the design’s open frame, which ensures “the interior temperature stays low at all times” according to the Thermaltake website. Of course, time will tell how accurate that statement is, but it certainly seems like the case has more open space for airflow from the case fans. The openings also let some of that heat and air filter out into your room, so don’t put anything prone to melting too close just in case.

Speaking of the case, it can also be stripped down to its absolute skeleton, so if you’re the type to modify and expand on your own, you’ll be able to do so, although I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re extremely knowledgeable about this sort of thing, as you could ruin the case.

Of course, it’s a much smaller case, meaning there will be some tradeoffs in terms of how you can build your computer. Vertical GPU mounting is out, and so are larger components. If it won’t fit inside your case, spending the big bucks on a GPU or motherboard just means money wasted, especially if you’re planning on building your PC around your GPU and CPU.

It does have space for a triple slot GPU though, so if you have somehow managed to get your hands on an Nvidia RTX 3090, you’ll be able to use it in this case, so long as you’re okay with horizontal mounting.

The T200 chassis is available in either dark grey with black accents or snow white with black accents. Your color options here are limited, but realistically, your RGB is going to be doing the talking for you in the color department.

The Thermaltake AH T200 Micro Chassis has a lot of things going for it, and at the lower price point compared to its larger cousin, the T600, you’re not losing out on too many of the features, and the aesthetic is perfectly preserved in the smaller form.

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