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In an effort to update services for the next-gen console, Ubisoft will rebrand Uplay and Ubisoft Club into a singular service– Ubisoft Connect. Connect will be a new cross-gen gaming and social hub expected to launch alongside Watch Dogs: Legion.

Ubisoft Connect will be a social gaming platform where things like loyalty points, achievements, tips, and friend lists will be integrated into one hub. It’s also expected to have cloud gaming platforms like Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, and Nvidia GeForce, add a few features of their own later in the year. Amazon Luna and Ubisoft are already collaborating on a Ubisoft Channel for the cloud gaming service, so expect those features to be rich.

“This more social and personalized gaming experience also comes with a newsfeed interface gathering friends’ activities and achievements, while a brand-new ‘Smart Intel’ feature brings players dedicated tips and video recommendations based on their game activities,” the publisher says. “Each player will have access to data on their personal stats and play style to keep improving or compare with select groups of friends through an improved leaderboard system.”

Watch Dogs: Legion is expected to release on October 29, so you can also expect Ubisoft Connect to do the same. Connect will be available to both next-gen consoles, as well as Switch, and PC. Ubisoft explains “As part of this commitment, full cross-progression, across all platforms and services, will be available with some of Ubisoft’s most highly anticipated upcoming titles, including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Immortals Fenyx Rising and Riders Republic.”

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