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There are only a few days left until Epic Games pulls the plug on the Fortnitemare challenges. On November 3, Epic will officially put an end to the Halloween season and your ability to score some nifty themed goodies, like the Smash O’-Lantern pickaxe or the Pumpkin Rocket Launcher. That still leaves time to complete the “easiest” of those tasks.

To help you get the most out of the Fortnitemares event, we’ve compiled some of the quicker challenges to finish and provided a quick breakdown of how to earn their associated rewards.

Become a Shadow (3)

Becoming a Shadow in Fortnite is about as easy as things get. It’s a two-step process that includes joining a game and allowing someone to kill you. Once your health reaches zero, you’ll enter Shadow Mode. Do this three times and you can check off this challenge.

Becoming a Shadow isn’t necessarily throwing the match away as you can still exact revenge on the living. Abilities like Slash and Dash make you a formidable spectral foe against the more corporeal players.

Detect Players as a Shadow (10)

You can combine the “Become a Shadow” challenge with this one for a simple two-for-one deal. Once part of the Shadow realm, you’re gifted with the Shriek ability, which locates and highlights nearby players. “Detect Players as a Shadow” is a pretty straightforward challenge. The hardest part is simply finding swarms of players. For Fortnitemares, you should check The Ruins as your opposition may be trying to defeat Shadow Midas for their own rewards.

As you move about the map, just keep shrieking. It shouldn’t take long to score ten detections.

Eat Candy (25)

Who doesn’t love a little candy? Well, this challenge tasks you with eating 25 sweet morsels in the haunted world of Fornite. Candy is scattered across the map, hidden within residential buildings. Check Retail Row, Holly Hedges, Doom’s Domain – anywhere where you’ve seen quaint little homes. Ransack them for their treats and start gobbling away. Candy is hidden within containers, so start smashing away, especially if you see homes sporting Halloween décor.

The quickest way to accomplish this challenge is to join a team of players. Whenever a member of your team consumes a piece, you’ll get credit. Game modes like Squads or Team Rumble are ideal for completing this task.

Visit Different Witch Shacks (3) / Travel 100 Meters on a Witch Broom

If you enjoy exploring Fornite’s map, this will be a fantastic challenge for you. Scattered throughout the foggy Fortnitemares map are unique Witch Shacks. All you have to do is track three down and get close to them. The hardest part is just finding where they are, but we built this map to help you on your quest:


While you’re tackling this challenge, you can also knock out the “Travel 100 Meters on a Witch Broom” as brooms are found right outside Witch Shacks. All this requires you to do is grab a broom (located in barrels), mount it, and travel across the map for 100 meters (or 328’). That may sound like a lot, but stay away from other players and you can get it done without issue.

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