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So, you’ve liberated London, crushed Zero Day, and are looking to finally relax and retire from the hacker lifestyle? Sorry, DedSec Operator! There’s still plenty for you to do. At the close of Watch Dogs: Legion, you’ll unlock the “Finding Bagley” mission. This endgame quest tasks you with restoring the memory of the sentient AI, Bagley. To do so, you’re going to have to do some exploring.

Locating the necessary photos to restore Bagley’s memories can be difficult. There are nine locations you need to find, and the map of London is mighty sizable. It’s way too easy to drive for hours and still happen upon nothing. So, we’re here with the assist.

To keep you from driving yourself mad, take a look at the map below and some descriptions of where you’ll find each of Bagley’s memories.

Watch Dogs: Legion Endgame London Map

  1. National Gallery

Travel to the National Gallery and look to the north side of Trafalgar Square. That’s where you’ll find the first photo.

  1. London Eye

From London’s giant Ferris wheel, look to the nearby river’s southside. The second photo will be waiting for you there.


  1. World of Tomorrow

In the northern half of the map in Islington & Hackney, you’ll find the World of Tomorrow. Tucked away in the World of Tomorrow is the third photo.


  1. Brixton Recreation Centre

If you don’t mind taking a drive, you’ll want to head south toward the southeastern edge. At the Brixton Recreation Centre, you’ll find Bagley’s fourth photo.


  1. Crosier & Cherry

It’s not time for a pint, but you still want to make your way to the Crosier & Cherry pub in Camden. Travel up from the TOAN Attack Site, keep south of the Sandstone Residence, and you’ll find your fifth photo.


  1. Duck Cottage

Put your focus on Buckingham Palace for the sixth photo. More specifically, the Duck Cottage on the outskirts of the vibrant greenery. Head north from the DedSec safehouse, and you’ll find it waiting near a quaint cottage.


  1. Wellington Arch

Stay around Buckingham Palace, but on the opposite side from the Duck Cottage, to find the Wellington Arch. Here, your seventh photo awaits.


  1. Guy’s Hospital

Take a trip over to King’s College, hop over the road, and head just north of the Bricklayers Arms. Guy’s Hospital should be pretty easy to see in center Southwark, and there you’ll find the eighth photo.


  1. Walkie Talkie

Time for another pitstop, this time at the Walkie Talkie bar in London. Enter the establishment, ride the elevator to the top floor, and explore the landscape from the balcony. Pay close attention to the cityscape and snap a photo. This should be your last image for Bagley.

With all the photos collected, the mission will guide you the rest of the way. Follow the next set of directions to a “T,” and you’ll have completed this endgame task and learned it a bit more about the mysterious Bagley.

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