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In case you hadn’t heard, or might have missed it, the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account posted this yesterday, and to say the Internet was excited but also confused would be putting it lightly.

Most everyone assumed it was in relation to the news about Jedi: Fallen Order coming to Game Pass on the 10th, with some few guessing it was an incoming deal between Microsoft and Disney that would gift Game Pass Ultimate subscribers a free trial of Disney+ and it looks like they were right.

I think, like everyone, I sort of assumed the Tweet was a way to generate hype for Jedi: Fallen Order or maybe, against all odds, that we’d be seeing some news related to The Mandalorian getting a video game or that the character would be making his way into Battlefront II or something else. I’m pretty…underwhelmed as it stands though.

For those out of the loop, Xbox Game Pass has two tiers; the first costs $10 USD a month and gets subscribers access to the service and “exclusive member discounts and deals” while the Ultimate tier costs $15 USD a month and includes an Xbox Live Gold membership and all of the benefits attached to it.

What makes it special is that Ultimate has special limited time deals like this one, allowing subscribers to access special deals or skin packs in some games, like Warframe or World of Tanks. It seems like someone at Microsoft wasn’t a fan of the money they were getting just from this though, as the Disney+ trial is only for Ultimate members.

It comes with a few strings though, as just about anyone would expect: It’s only for first time members to the service, and is a 30-day trial that will charge you the normal rate once it runs out. Realistically, I’m not too sure who this is supposed to appeal to.

Everyone who was going to buy an account for something like The Mandalorian, the entire catalogue of Marvel movies, or just the Disney franchise as a whole, you likely would have done so by now. If you haven’t, you could definitely redeem this now and binge the entire series (which I 100% recommend doing by the way) in a day or two. I suppose you could watch the Marvel movies over again too, but odds are, if you’re doing that, you probably already subscribed. The same goes for the Disney movies. I don’t really know anyone scrambling to watch old Disney movies they own on DVD, and while the Marvel movies are tempting, there’s not much there once you’re done.

All in all, I don’t really know that spending the $15 USD for a 30-day trial of Disney+ is all that worth it for the average person, but if you were looking to try out some of the games the Game Pass has to offer, and have a significant other who wants to watch Hamilton on endless repeat (I don’t blame them, I love it too) then this is definitely a deal worth diving in for. Otherwise? Save the $15 for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and see what games go on sale that you’ve had your eye on for a while.

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