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Spider-Man: Miles Morales may not have a lengthy storyline, but don’t let that stop you from adding this title to your PlayStation library. It’s an excellent sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man in its own right and will look to keep you hooked throughout.

Here are a few tips for your first playthrough that should come in handy.

  • Miles’ gadgets are sparse in comparison to Peter Parker’s but they are unique to him which opens up different combat possibilities. Venom Smash and Venom Jump are both abilities that help shake things up a bit. They use Miles’ Venom energy and significantly boost his combat prowess.

Venom Smash is one you’ll unlock early on. In addition to doing tons of damage it also provides an area of effect stun to nearby enemies. Venom Jump allows Miles to launch his foes into the air, setting them up for aerial attack combos. Try not to let your Venom energy cap out too often as these abilities can be game changers.

  • Spider-Training should be a priority early on as they’re great for honing your skills using Miles’ abilities. Completing them the first time through will also unlock additional exclusive abilities for Miles to add to his repertoire. These holographic training sessions are repeatable for collecting Activity Tokens –used to purchase upgrades and new spidey suits.
  • Don’t waste too much time wandering around the city in search of civilians to aid. Instead, you should focus on the 15 story missions available in Spider-Man: Miles Morales first. This will unlock additional side activity that you can tackle later on, all at once and maximize your time spent in a single district.
  • Activity Tokens and Tech Tokens are important for players who want to unlock new gear and new suits. Active crimes are a great source of them and will randomly pop up on your map. The difference between Miles’ game and Marvel’s Spider-Man is that you won’t need to complete all of the crimes to finish off an area. Instead, you can do the additional ones at your leisure in order to unlock additional gear and suits.
  • ABS! Always Be Scanning. A great rule to live by when out and about in the city. There are so many hidden collectibles in the game, as well as Spider-Man: Miles Morales Trophies, that are easy to miss. So scan often, and everywhere you can to uncover them all.
  • Both Stealth and Camouflage are incredibly useful in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Stealth is much different than what you’re used to in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Instead of having an all out war when spotted like you were in the original game, Miles need only take out the guards before they can call for backup. Far less hectic and easier to pull off than it was previously.

Camouflage can be used as either an offensive or defensive tool and renders Miles invisible when the situation calls for it. Use this to your advantage by disrupting the flow of combat. Obviously, you can use the camo to escape when things get too chaotic, however, there is a more offensive way to utilize this tool. Dance around the combat area, disarming enemies and set up combos that will make it safer to engage and leave your enemies bewildered. It’s a flexible tool so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is definitely not a game you want to sleep on. Take these tips to heart, learn the ropes, and you’ll make virtual New York a safer place in no time.

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