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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has finally arrived and comes bearing gifts in the form of new mounts. These mounts are pretty easily obtainable so long as you’re willing to put in a little bit of time to collect them. In this article, we’ve highlighted six mounts for you to get to work on: Arboreal Gulper, Shimmermist Runner, Wildseed Cradle, Spinemaw Gladechewer, Silverwind Larion and Blanchy’s Reins.

Arboreal Gulper

Arboreal Gulper

This mount is, as far as we can tell, is a 100% drop rate from a rare mob known as Humon’gozz. To spawn the mushroom-like beast, you’ll first need to loot an Unusually Large Mushroom. Unlike Humon’gozz, the drop rate on this item is a low drop rate but can be collected from any of the mobs in Ardenweald. Once the mushroom has been looted, head toward the Damp Loam which is located in the northwestern end of Ardenweald, and plant it. The Unusually Large Mushroom will become Humon’gozz, who can then be killed for the mount. It’s soloable but would best be taken down with some aid from allies as his health pool is quite extensive.

Shimmermist Runner

Shimmermist Runner

You can find this unicorn-like mount in Mistveil Tangle, located in the middle of the Tirna Scithe region in Ardenweald. You’ll need to navigate your way through the labyrinth in order to find and kill Shizgher. The order in which you get to it will need to be specific because If you don’t follow the right path, Shizgher will despawn, and the mount along with it.

To follow the right path, we suggest you download an addon which provides map coordinates to make things a whole lot easier.

You’ll need to traverse gateways with blue lamps on them. The following directions and coordinates will get you to your prize:

  1. Enter the Maze in Oaken Assembly on (31.04, 54.51).
  2. On the 1st intersection at (29.60, 55.76) go LEFT/SOUTH-EAST.
  3. On the 2nd intersection at (30.02, 57.49) go RIGHT/SOUTH-WEST.
  4. On the 3rd intersection at (29.56, 57.91) go LEFT/SOUTH.
  5. On the 4th intersection at (29.31, 59.10) go RIGHT/NORTH-WEST.
  6. On the 5th intersection at (28.82, 58.71) go FORWARD/NORTH-WEST.
  7. On the 6th and last intersection at (27.56, 57.85) go LEFT/WEST into the Area.
  8. You can now engage Shizgher.

Wildseed Cradle

Wildseed Cradle

Look for an Ardenweald treasure chest called the Cache of the Moon to obtain this next mount. It’s located behind Twinklestar in Tirna Vaal. To uncover it will require that you reassemble Twinklestar’s Gardening Toolkit. It consists of 5 pieces which have been lost in the Garden of Night, east of Root-Home. The coordinates to find all of the tools are as follows:

Once Twinklestar’s Gardening Toolkit has been reassembled, return the finished product to Twinklestar who will then grant you Moonsight, which will allow you to see and loot the treasure behind him which contains the mount.

Spinemaw Gladechewer

Spinemaw Gladechewer

This mount will take some time and, like the others so far on the list, can be found in Ardenweald. You’ll need to spawn a rare named Gormtamer Tizo, in the Mistveil Tangle area. In order to pull this off will require you venture into Mistveil to take out some elite mobs known as Deranged Guardians. Once a Guardian is killed, the Bristlecone Terror riding them will hop off and you’ll need to kill it. This mob has a small chance to spawn Chompy, who is rather large, and impossible to miss Carapid. Of course, you’ll need to kill Chompy which will then spawn Gormtamer Tizo, who also needs to be dealt with. Once he’s nothing more than a distant memory, the Spinemaw Gladechewer will drop and you can enjoy your new mount.

Silverwind Larion

Silverwind Larion

Another mount that will take some time to collect is the Silverwind Larion which comes from ringing the Vesper of the Silver Wind. In order to be able to ring the Vesper, you need to rebuild the Crystal Mallet of Heralds with the help of Forgelite Hephaesius. Building it will take looting 50 Lost Anima Shards scattered across Bastion where 5 of them have been lost inside Bastion’s two dungeons, Necrotic Wake and Spires of Ascension. For this mount we recommend the use of the HandyNotes: Shadowlands addon to help keep track of the looted shards, and the TomTom addon to find them. Copy and paste the following into /Say once you have the addons downloaded:

/way 39.05 77.04

/way 43.63 76.22

/way 48.42 72.73

/way 52.67 75.55

/way 53.31 73.62

/way 53.49 80.60

/way 55.96 86.66

/way 61.04 85.66

/way 58.10 80.08

/way 56.87 74.98

/way 65.52 71.92

/way 58.15 63.91

/way 54.00 59.70

/way 46.70 65.95

/way 50.68 56.14

/way 34.84 65.78

/way 51.67 48.02

/way 47.08 49.23

/way 41.39 46.63

/way 40.04 59.12

/way 38.52 53.26

/way 57.64 55.67

/way 65.25 42.88

/way 72.38 40.29

/way 66.89 26.92

/way 57.55 38.27

/way 52.16 39.39

/way 49.99 38.26

/way 48.48 34.91

/way 56.72 28.84

/way 56.20 17.31

/way 59.88 13.91

/way 52.44 09.42

/way 46.69 18.04

/way 44.94 28.45

/way 42.30 24.02

/way 37.10 24.68

/way 42.81 33.21

/way 42.71 39.40

/way 33.03 37.62

/way 31.00 27.47

/way 30.61 23.73

/way 24.64 22.98

/way 26.15 22.62

/way 24.37 18.21

Locate and click on the shards found in these areas to get your hands on the mount.

Sinrunner Blanchy’s Reins

This mount will take the longest to acquire as it takes a minimum of six days to perform all of the necessary tasks needed for the reins. To obtain the dead horse from Westfall you need to nourish Dead Blanchy in Revendreth for 6 days, with each day bringing a new request. The following items will be required in order to complete Blanchy’s dailies: 

  • Day 1: 8x Handful of Oats. These can be found in Westfall at coordinates 56.50, 36.68. They’re scattered around Saldean’s Farm and will require you perform this on a character that is at least level 55.
  • Day 2: 1x Grooming Brush. Found in Revendreth at coordinates 63.26, 61.63. Talk to Snickersnee for the brush.
  • Day 3: 4x Sturdy Horseshoe. Found in the southeast area of Revendreth. Look to the roads to acquire these items.
  • Day 4: 1x Empty Water Bucket. Found in Revendreth at coordinates 63.26, 61.63. Fill the bucket with Water from either Ardenweald or Bastion to receive the Bucket of Clean Water to turn in to Blanchy.
  • Day 5: 1x Comfortable Saddle Blanket. Found in Revendreth at coordinates 51.10, 78.82. Can be purchased from Ta’tru. The requirements to purchase the saddle blanket will change weekly, so be prepared to do some scavenging or buy things off of the auction house.
  • Day 6: 3x Dredhollow Apple. Found in Revendreth at coordinates 40.86, 46.74. You can buy these from Mims.

After tending to Blanchy’s needs for 6 days, she will submit to you and allow you to use her as a mount.

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