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Earlier today, the Black Ops Cold War subreddit saw a new leak, this one related to the content of Season 1, which is coming on December 10th.

And to be honest, I’m solidly “whelmed” with what we see coming in a week. Of course, there’s no reason to think this is everything that’s coming in the Season 1 launch, but I’d be pretty surprised if we saw that much more than this.

So far, we know about the Starter Pack, which gives some COD Points, a new Adler skin, Calling Card, and two Emblems. While it doesn’t exactly offer a lot, if it’s anything like the Starter Pack from Modern Warfare, then it could be well worth the $5 USD price tag. Any amount of COD Points is a good thing in my book, especially since it’s a paid currency. The Adler skin is cool, but not particularly interesting. I liked the character, but if the new skin doesn’t also bring new voice lines when in matches, I don’t really see myself buying the Starter Pack. The Calling Card and Emblems are a pretty weak reason to buy the pack, especially since there’s already so many of each currently available without spending more money.

The leak also showed off four new maps being added to the game, which is…pretty weak in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I know we’re working in the time of COVID, but it’s entirely unlikely that these maps were made any time in the last year. We probably won’t see the effects of the pandemic on this game’s offerings until at least next year, especially since so many studios are adapting fairly well.

That said, four new maps being added into a game that launched with eight total in the multiplayer and one zombies map (two if you count Dead Ops Arcade, which I’m not) is a joke. With these four, the total is now 12 maps, although it’s currently unknown if all of the maps seen in the leak are going into the core multiplayer playlist, or if they’ll be split between core multiplayer, the 2v2 Gunfight mode, Zombies, and Combined Arms/Fireteam.

Hell, it’s entirely possible each of those modes is getting one map each. I don’t expect that to be the case, and nor do I hope it is, but at this point, very little could surprise me when it comes to Treyarch and Activision.

The final additions coming in the launch of Season 1 are new skins for three of the Operators in the game. It’s unclear how they’ll be unlocked for now. They could be tied to the Season Pass, but I’m hoping the skins will be unlockable through in-game achievements and challenges. The game could use every scrap of content it has to offer, and making the new skins unlockable rather than purchasable would get people playing for a few days at least to unlock the skins.

All in all, the Season 1 leak revealed nothing particularly interesting, and if there isn’t any kind of update for Zombies in the near future, I’ll probably abandon the game for Destiny 2 until there is. I just don’t see the game boasting a healthy population for long if there’s only a handful of maps, skins, and possibly weapons, added with each season.

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