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If you’re like me and don’t follow Fortnite religiously, I wouldn’t blame you for not knowing this was happening. I mean, I didn’t even know it was happening until earlier today, and I’m still not entirely sure how to feel about it.

Some part of me always knew it was happening of course. I mean, the entire last season was based around the Marvel franchise, which is owned by Disney, the same as Star Wars. But even with that knowledge, it’s still hard to reconcile the fact that the best character to come out of Disney’s era of Star Wars has found himself inexplicably drawn into the black hole that is Fortnite.

What’s even more surprising is the fact that Kratos is being added into the game. The version of the character being added comes from the PS4 God of War title, so expect to see a lot of middle-aged Kratos running around and flossing. What makes his addition so surprising is that Sony hasn’t been too heavily involved in the Fortnite crossovers, although it looks like this could be the start of that as well.

The character additions have given players skins like Captain America, Iron Man, and Deadpool, but the addition of the Mandalorian and Kratos seems, for some reason, to be an even odder crossover than those that came before. Maybe it’s because of how those characters are generally portrayed in their own media? Kratos single-handedly wiped out the Greek pantheon (and a good chunk of the Norse pantheon too) in his own games, while the Mandalorian has no qualms with leaving someone for animal food after he gets what he wants from them.

So maybe that’s my problem? The idea of these characters dabbing and flossing just doesn’t seem to compute in my head. It could also be my general distaste and dislike of Fortnite; don’t get me wrong, I have nothing but respect for the upper echelons of players, I just can’t get behind a game where being good at building is more important than traditional positioning or teamwork.

If you go looking through the Internet right now, you’ll likely find dozens of articles and hundreds upon hundreds of videos cheering the new season and the addition of the new crossover skins. I definitely think it’s a good thing that Fortnite is able to generate so much buzz across the Internet, especially since it gives more credibility to gaming as a whole. I just worry about what Fortnite’s cult-like following means for the franchise and pop culture as a whole.

Even now, it gets harder and harder to remember a time before Fortnite; it’s become that synonymous with gaming culture at this point, and has even wormed its way into pop culture in general. I worry that Fortnite will continue to grow and swallow franchises and IP’s until the reason kids recognize characters like Captain America or Batman isn’t from the Marvel or DC universes, but because they got killed and dabbed on by someone playing Fortnite’s Chapter 12 Season 4 with the skin equipped.

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