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If you’ve ever watched a paranormal horror movie or one of those over-the-top ghost hunter shows, you know at least one thing – crucifixes are a hunter’s best friend. In Phasmophobia, that fact still rings true.

As you’re scouring the small, medium, and large maps of Kinetic Games’ online supernatural horror, you’ll find yourself facing some truly terrifying specters. With a crucifix at your side, though, things may not seem so bad. That is if you know how to use it.

Believe it or not, but using a Crucifix is more than just holding it in your hand. There are a few things you need to know, so we’ve put together this brief guide to help you best utilize this important ghost hunting tool.

What is the Crucifix?

In Phasmophobia, the Crucifix is a two-use “ghost repellent.” The elaborate and decorative cross retails at the Equipment Store for $30, and you can bring two along with you on a hunt. Its purpose is to prevent a ghost from entering its Hunt Phase, which is essential to survival, especially in larger locations.

It’s a simple tool to use, but it has some quirks you need to be mindful of. You may expect to just hold it up to a ghost and dispel it, but that’s not quite how it works in this haunted digital world.

How Do I Use the Crucifix?

First and most importantly, you have to bring the Crucifix with you on the hunt. Your instinct may tell you to walk around with it equipped, but as of this posting, there is no indication that doing so actually does anything.

While the Crucifix is designed to prevent a ghost from hunting, it can only do so when thrown on the ground. Weird? Absolutely. Effective? For the most part. The thing is, the Crucifix has a base range of 3 meters for most ghosts (5 for the Banshee). You may think you can indiscriminately toss the Crucifix anywhere, but you essentially need to know the ghost’s favorite haunting spot. In Phasmophobia, that’s the Ghost Room.

Once you find the Ghost Room:

  • Locate a choke point the ghost has to pass through
  • Place the Crucifix near it
  • Wait for spectral activity

As the spirit gets riled up, it will threaten to enters its Hunt Phase. If the Crucifix is properly placed, you can keep this from happening. Unfortunately, there’s no indicator that the Crucifix worked, save for checking the Total Activity chart in the van. If you see a jump to 10 and a drastic drop, then it’s safe to say it worked.

Here are some things to keep in mind about the Crucifix:

  • If the ghost is already hunting, it’s useless
  • Place it at the center of small rooms for the most effective coverage
  • The Crucifix must be within 3 meters (5 for the Banshee) of where the ghost will spawn (not the Ghost Room) to stop a Hunt
  • Holding it isn’t known to do anything. The Crucifix must be on the ground to be activated
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