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Are PS5 prices still high?

A good takeaway from this guide is that the prices for the Sony PS5 units are still significantly high due to their demand.

Why is the PS5 price so high?

Sony attributes the price hike to the "global economic environment" and "high inflation rates." As explained in the blog post: The global economic environment is a challenge that many of you around the world are no doubt experiencing.

What is a reasonable price for PS5?

PlayStation 5 Digital EditionReturn to table of contents↴ There are currently two iterations of the PS5: the PS5 ($499.99) and the PS5 Digital Edition ($399.99). There is very little difference between the two — the Digital Edition just lacks the ability to play disc-based games.

Are PS5 prices rising?

Barely two years into the PlayStation 5's reign, Sony has announced that the price of its hard-to-find console is going up. Like the PlayStation 3 and PS4, there are different circumstances and different powers in charge leading to this unusual move. But the price hike is hitting every market except the United States.

Is PS5 shortage almost over?

The PS5 will continue to be out of stock, so all we can do is wait. The chip shortage will still affect Sony and other tech companies during 2022 and beyond. However, there's still hope. According to Sony, the PS5 shortage might end in 2024 if everything goes according to plan.

The PS5 just Got a PRICE INCREASE?! Big Sony FAIL!!!

Why is it still so hard to buy a PS5?

A global chip shortage impacting electronic manufacturers since 2020 and very high demand for the PS5 have again made the gaming console one of the holiday season's toughest items to find.

Is a PS5 Pro coming?

Back in May, Zuby_Tech offered a reasonable prediction (not a leak) of the PlayStation 5 hardware roadmap, with the PlayStation 5 Pro console with 5 nm or 4 nm processor appearing in November 2024 and a PlayStation 5 Slim with 5 nm chip coming in September 2023 (the current PS5 consoles feature a custom 7 nm chip from ...

How much will the PS5 cost in 2022?

As a reminder, there are two editions of the PS5. There's the standard PlayStation 5 Console for $499.99. Then there's the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Console for $399.99 which is disc-free, meaning you can't play physical PS5 games, only digital copies of games.

What place has the cheapest PS5?

What is the cheapest PS5 console deal? Amazon is the cheapest place to get a PS5 console online right now with the digital console going for just shy of $400.

Is a PS5 $500?

According to a new report, Sony's PS5 was one of the hottest Christmas gifts for 2022, and finding one for the $499 retail price can be a little stressful, despite the growing number of retailers that sell the hard-to-get gaming console.

Will PS5 get cheaper?

It likely won't receive retail store price drops however if you buy it secondhand then you should expect it will be cheaper than buying it new and you may find some really good deals especially with people who just need quick money and list it on Craigslist or something similar.

Will PS5 have a cheaper version?

The lower price point is the most significant benefit of choosing the PS5 Digital Edition over the PS5 disc version. As I've already mentioned, the PS5 Digital Edition costs $399 instead of the PS5 Disc price of $499 as it doesn't have a disc drive, so you're saving $100, which isn't an insignificant amount.

Is the PS5 worth buying resale?

These can usually get the highest values since you're technically selling new goods. Another reason a PS5 resell price is very high is the low stock. The cause of this is the ongoing chip shortage. The resale value of PS5s reached a whopping $1,000+ at some point in the last year!

Why is the PS5 1000 dollars now?

Right now, PS5 disc editions are going for around $1,000 due to scalpers cleaning up the market and jacking up prices beyond the original $500 retail price. There is still a digital version available but it's also marked up although it's out there for less than a grand.

Why did PS5 double in price?

Sony attributes its struggles, and the price hike, to a variety of factors: inflation first and foremost, but also “adverse currency trends” and macroeconomic pressures that have begun to affect video game spending and industry growth.

How long will there be a PS5 shortage?

Sony is reportedly shipping over 30 million new PlayStation 5 consoles next year, including a previously rumored model with a detachable disk drive. According to a new report, the PlayStation 5 shortage might finally come to an end next year.

How much is Costco selling PS5?

Right now, the retailer is selling the disc-based PS5 console in a bundle with an extra DualSense controller, a Pulse 3D wireless headset, a DualSense charging station, and four $25 PlayStation Store gift cards all for $789.99.

Which PS5 is better disc or digital?

In terms of power, the PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition are on-par. There are little to no differences in the console's power, which is worth considering. Buying the Digital Edition offers the same console, slightly cheaper due to the lack of a disc drive, which will play into when you make your final decision.

How much does a PS6 cost?

There's no telling what kind of hardware, extra features, or improvements the next-gen PlayStation could have that would sway its price one way or the other. For now, assume it could cost as much as $600.

Will there be a PS5 restock in 2022?

No, all but one GameStop PS5 restock in 2022 has been exclusive to local stores; it hasn't been sold online for months. You can get a PowerUp Rewards Pro membership ahead of time online, although stores do allow you to buy it at the store, too.

Will 2022 be a good year to buy PS5?

Is it worth buying a PS5 in 2022 or 2023? Absolutely. Even more so because they are gradually becoming more available, and there are more and more games coming out. It's my favorite over the Xbox Series X, but I do own both.

When can we expect PS6?

So, historical lessons suggest we'll get a console that costs around £400, releases in 2027 and is called the PS6.

Is there a PS5 slim coming?

Recent rumours from TheLeak have suggested a redesigned PS5 is on the way – but it may not actually be called PS5 Slim. The goal will still be to reduce size and weight, though. A die shrink (smaller, more efficient version of an existing CPU) could help bring power consumption down.

Is there gonna be a PS5 slim?

Historically, Sony tends to release a Slim version of its consoles three years after launch. This was the case with PS3 and PS4, while the PS2 Slim and PS One took four years and six years to arrive respectively. It's likely, then, that a PS5 Slim could arrive sometime in 2023 or early 2024.

Why did they stop selling PS5?

The reason? The ongoing chip shortage — yep, that's still a major issue — and shipping delays across the global supply chain. And based on Sony's decision to cut its PS5 shipments forecast by some 3.3 million units in fiscal year 2022, it's not going to get easier to snag a console soon.
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