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Can you find Silverhand's body?

Towards the end of the mission, go to the place where they buried Johnny Silverhand's body. This is beyond the city limits. Once you get there, a cutscene triggers in which Johnny a bit about his life in the past. But the game never actually gives you any information about the arms.

Is it possible to find Silverhands body?

Towards the end of the mission, you head over to the place where they buried Johnny Silverhand's body. This is outside the city limits. Once you get there, a cutscene triggers in which Johnny talks a little bit about his life in the past.

Can we find Johnny's body?

Towards the end of the "Chippin' In" side mission, players will have to go to the oil fields to discover Johnny's body. There's a dialogue sequence that occurs at that time which has the potential to trigger a secret ending in Cyberpunk 2077.

Can you still get Johnny Silverhand arm?

To permanently equip Johnny Silverhand's arm while playing V, players will first need to finish the side quest Chippin' In. This side quest is essential to obtaining Cyberpunk 2077's secret ending, and it'll be assigned to V automatically after finishing the main quest Tapeworm.

Can V and Johnny both live?

After this mission is complete, you'll have a choice: have V return to their body, or let Johnny take full (and permanent) control. To get this ending, choose V. They return to their body, but only with six months to live; while Johnny goes beyond the Blackwall to possibly survive in cyberspace.

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Is Johnny Silverhand Morgan Blackhand?

Sure, CD Projekt Red can call him Morgan Blackhand and everyone can call him a legend, but his most defining legends are no longer his—they're Johnny Silverhand's.

Where is Johnny Silverhand buried?

During the major Side Job, Chippin' In, you'll go looking for Johnny's grave at an Oil Field that's located just on the outskirts of Night City, in the Badlands.

Can you find Johnny Silverhand's gun?

To get Johnny's Porsche, Gun and Jacket you need to do the storylines involving Rogue and unlock a mission called “Chippin' In”. Rogue appears first as part of one of your main story missions. After that she will contact you about a side mission called “Chippin' In”. The mission is designed for level 15-25 or so.

Can you get Johnny Silverhand's vest?

When can you get the Johnny Silverhand Clothing Set in Cyberpunk 2077? You can get any of these sets before or after you complete the main story line of the game.

How do you unlock the secret ending in Johnny?

In order to unlock the secret Don't Fear the Reaper ending, you must have completed a series of Side Jobs that are centered around Johnny Silverhand BEFORE entering Embers to meet with Hanako.
You will need to have completed the following Side Jobs:
  1. Tapeworm.
  2. Chippin' In.
  3. Blistering Love.

What happens if you let Johnny take over your body?

If you let Johnny take your body, he'll return to Earth and you'll be able to explore a few last mini-quests with him as V. He will too eventually leave Night City in search of his own fresh start though. It's another good option for those looking for some resolution.

Is Johnny Silverhand a hallucination?

But while the conventional wisdom from trailers and gameplay snippets makes Silverhand seem like a hologram or illusion, he's definitely not a hallucination — and there's support for a theory that suggests Silverhand is very much alive.

Can you find anything at Johnny Silverhands body?

In addition to getting Johnny's car, pistol, and the Samurai jacket, you can also get Johnny Silverhand's iconic Silver arm in the game. It is a small secret in the game and we highly suggest getting it in the memory of the character.

What happens if you cut Dex out of the deal?

So don't worry, regardless of the option you picked at that point. Cutting Dex out will apparently result in a 50 percent pay increase during the proposed heist. The problem is that Dex is (seemingly) your friend and he even promises to give you a higher cut if you opt to tell him about Evelyn.

What is the highest DPS pistol in cyberpunk?

1 Archangel

For many players, the Archangel pistol is one of the best weapons to obtain and arguably the best handgun/pistol in Cyberpunk 2077. It is an Iconic gun with the potential to reach the Legendary tier if it's upgraded.

How old is Adam Smasher?

As one of the newest recruits of The Justice Society, 20-year-old Al Rothstein can transform his molecular structure to grow in size to towering heights to become the superhero Atom Smasher. What he lacks in experience, Atom Smasher makes up for with brute force and an endless well of youthful optimism.

What does Grayson give you of Silverhand's?

At the end of the Chippin' In side job, the gun will be on the ground in front of Grayson. Just pick it up and Johnny Silverhand's Gun will be yours. For the curious, Johnny's gun is a Malorian Arms 3516.

Who is Johnny Silverhand based on?

Johnny Silverhand is based on Mike Pondsmith's original pen and paper character in the Cyberpunk RPG created in 1988. "He's always been part of this universe and we wanted to bring him into our game," Tost said. "Wouldn't it be cool if Keanu Reeves would play this character!?

What happens if you choose Panam ending?

Cyberpunk 2077 Ending 3 - Panam's Path

If you choose this option, you get to storm Arasaka along with the Nomads and you get to play around in a massive tank. There are two possible epilogues for Panam's path: If you decide to cross the bridge with Alt, Johnny inherits V's body and leaves Night City.

What happens if you save Takemura?

Epilogue Appearance

Unfortunately, saving Takemura doesn't unlock the ability to spend any more time with him. He'll go into hiding for the rest of the game, leaving you to deal with everything else that's going on. Saving him does have the potential to change your ending of the game, however.

Is Lizzy Wizzy a robot?

Elsewhere, Grimes will take on the character of Lizzy Wizzy, a cyborg pop star whose whole body was replaced with cybernetics after she died onstage (get a closer look at the character and her backstory here).

Can Morgan Blackhand beat Adam Smasher?

Aside from V, Only person who can take down Adam Smasher in 1vs1 is Morgan Blackhand, But unfortunately he wasn't in the game and he only mentioned by name..

Who is Mr Blue Eyes?

Mr. Blue Eyes is a name Cyberpunk 2077 players would be forgiven for not knowing, as that's pretty much his entire purpose. Mr. Blue eyes is a shady character players will not see in full until a certain ending, and it seems he plays some major role in the upper politics of Night City.
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