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How do I merge accounts?

Aside from the character transfer service, which can move characters between accounts, there is no way to merge progress from multiple accounts.

Can I transfer games from one account to another?

Games can only be transferred from an account to another to Combine Accounts. Please log in to submit feedback. Did you find this article helpful?

Why isn t my Blizzard account merging?

Players can try checking their internet connections or logging back into their accounts. Linking the account to is also an option. Lastly, you can submit a support ticket to Blizzard support. If nothing else works, you'll need to wait until Blizzard officially resolves the issue.

How do I link a new account?

Follow these steps to link your account:
  1. Sign in to the account you wish to link.
  2. In the same browser, sign in to your Activision account.
  3. In the ACCOUNT LINKING section, choose an account to link. Note: A Call of Duty profile may only have one linked Blizzard Account.
  4. Select CONTINUE.

Can you have two accounts with the same email?

No. Think about it. Since you have to use an email address to log in, how would the login server ever know what account to log you into? You'll just need to create a new email address.

TurpsterVision: Account Merging

Can you link 2 Blizzard accounts?

As long as both account are under the same last name then it can be done. You can also move toons from one bnet to another. If both are active and have no penalties. You can move toons from a account of a lower level to a higher level but not of a higher level to a lower level.

Can you link accounts?

You can link your console account to your account on the Account Management Page. Account links have cooldowns limiting how often they can be changed.

Can you merge Activision accounts?

Unfortunately there's no way to merge Activision accounts (I remember a specific warning to play the beta on the correct account because of that) so I would just go and try to complete the campaign again on your beta account if possible, sorry!

Can I use the same account on multiple devices?

The app will not let a account be logged into on more than one computer. If you log into the app on one computer, then log into the App on a second computer with the same account, it will log out of the first computer.

How do I merge accounts in overwatch 2?

Load, click your account name at the top of the screen and click 'My Account' Select 'Connections' and then you'll see an option to add an Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo account. Add as many accounts as you like, log into Overwatch and select 'Account Merge' on the main menu.

How do I recover my old Blizzard account?

To recover your account, please proceed to personal verification. Canceled Account will be stored for 37 days. You can recover your account through the personal verification process. Once account is recovered, your personal information and payment history will be recovered.

Can two Blizzard accounts have the same name?

To transfer a character to another account, both accounts must be registered under the same account holder name. It is not possible to transfer a character to another person.

Will Blizzard ban you for account sharing?

Can you get banned for account sharing in WoW? Yes. Account sharing, for any reason, will result in your account getting banned or suspended in WoW. You're only allowed to share your account with your child, if you're their parent or guardian.

How do I transfer games to another computer?

Installing Blizzard Games on Another Computer
  1. Download and install the Desktop App.
  2. Log in to the App using your Account email address and password.
  3. Select the game you wish to install from the icons on the left of the app.

How do I transfer game files?

For games using Blizzard's launcher, such as Diablo Immortal, you'll need to move the files yourself, then direct to the new location. So head to your games directory—C:\Program Files (x86) by default—and cut and paste the game folder to your desired location on the new drive.

What to do if you buy a game on the wrong Blizzard account?

Contact Support - Blizzard Support

Or just tell them what happened so you can see about getting a refund to rebuy it on the correct account.

Can you use the same account for pc and console?

Cross-Progression allows you to play a game on PC, console, or mobile while keeping progress and collections across all devices.

Can I transfer my cod progress to another account?

Your progress is tied to the original linked account you used. Progress will not carry over to another linked account of the same type if you choose to change logins. Transferring Guest account progress to an account that is already linked is not supported.

Can you combine 2 warzone accounts?

Aside from the character transfer service, which can move characters between accounts, there is no way to merge progress from multiple accounts.

How do I merge my Blizzard account with my Xbox?

How do I merge my accounts?
  1. Login to Overwatch from your console account.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to scan a QR Code on your mobile phone.
  3. Enter the code displayed on your console to connect to or create your Blizzard Account.

Is it possible to merge Battle Cats accounts?

Long story short - yes, you can.

What happens when you combine accounts?

Progress from linked console accounts will be stored on your account, which will share in-game cosmetics and progress across the linked accounts. There will be one opportunity to merge console accounts, so make sure you double-check which accounts you are merging before you confirm!

Can I transfer a wow character to another account?

The Character Transfer service allows you to move characters to other realms, different World of Warcraft accounts, or from one account to another. To transfer a character to another account, both accounts must be registered under the same account holder name.

Why is account sharing bannable?

Sharing your account puts your privacy at risk, but also all of your other accounts. When several players are playing an account, it might be impossible to return the account to the original owner and keep the invading player out. Playing another player's accounts might give this player access to your accounts.
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