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What city is GTA V modeled after?

The game's setting is the fictional US state of San Andreas and city of Los Santos, based on Southern California and Los Angeles respectively.

What city is GTA 5 based on?

The open world design lets players freely roam San Andreas' open countryside and the fictional city of Los Santos, based on Los Angeles.

Where is GTA V modeled after?

GTA V's Los Santos, which previously appeared in San Andreas, is based on the real city of Los Angeles, California. Countless landmarks have been replicated in-game to give the city a more authentic look, including one that won't be around in the real world for long.

What city is Los Santos based off of?

Los Santos is a fictional city in the GTA universe, loosely based on Los Angeles and other California Coast cities. It is the setting for games like GTA SA and GTA V, and has many different sections, based on real life places.

What city is Liberty City based on?

Liberty City, based on New York City, is one of the three original cities introduced in Grand Theft Auto.

Grand Theft Auto vs. Real Life

What beach is GTA V in real-life?

Vespucci Beach, found on the west coast of the city of Los Santos is a spot where hipsters and the general public frequent. It overlooks the Pacific Ocean, and it's loosely based off of Venice Beach.

What is Paleto Bay based on?

Paleto Bay

Its design and layout are based on Fillmore, a town in Ventura County, California. To the west of the town you'll find the coniferous Paleto Forest, a hotspot for deer hunters, and Paleto Cove, a picturesque string of small, rocky islands.

What is Liberty City in real life?

#1 - Liberty City - New York

Modeled majorly after New York, Liberty City never fails to impress with regards to its detail, architecture, and overall feel. The city was revisited in GTA 4, and the version of the city in that game is nothing less than extraordinary.

Which GTA is based in New York?

Setting. Grand Theft Auto IV takes place in 2008, within a redesigned version of Liberty City. The design of the city focuses on a recreation of four of the boroughs of New York City: Broker (based on Brooklyn), Dukes (Queens), Bohan (The Bronx), and Algonquin (Manhattan).

Is GTA 5 based on Miami?

Setting. The game is set in 1986 in fictional Vice City, which is based heavily on the city of Miami. Vice City previously appeared in the original Grand Theft Auto (1997); the development team decided to reuse the location and incorporate ideas from within the studio and the fanbase.

Which GTA is based in Las Vegas?

Carl's journey takes him across the fictional U.S. state of San Andreas, which is based on California and Nevada and encompasses three major cities: Los Santos (inspired by Los Angeles), San Fierro (San Francisco) and Las Venturas (Las Vegas).

Is GTA based on Florida?

GTA 6's Vice City setting means it could include a variety of locations from real-life Florida, including the Everglades and cities close to Miami. Grand Theft Auto 6 has recently been revealed to be returning to Vice City, a fictionalized version of Miami, Florida.

Is Los Santos based on Miami?

Los Santos as in the 3D Universe, is based on Los Angeles, California.

Which GTA is based off Miami?

GTA VI wouldn't be the first time Grand Theft Auto utilized a fictional Miami as the home base for its mayhem. In 2002, Rockstar Games released GTA: Vice City, which has sold more than 17 million copies to date.

Is there a real Los Santos?

That sort of geographic plastic surgery seems at odds with the franchise's obsession with verisimilitude. Los Santos is not a real city; it is the Los Angeles of cop dramas and heist flicks and music videos, a love letter to the synthetic Los Angeles of the imagination.

Does Los Santos exist in real life?

Los Santos is based on Los Angeles, California and its greater metropolitan area. Los Santos is Spanish for "The Saints", a play on "The Angels", which is the translation of Los Angeles.

Is Vice City based on Scarface?

The Rockstar Games game, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, is primarly based off of the film, as some characters, and features in the game relate to those that are in the film. The protagonist of the game, Tommy Vercetti, is clearly based off of Tony Montana.

Is Vice City in Miami?

Vice City is a fictional city in the Grand Theft Auto series and the main setting for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories in 1984 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in 1986. The city itself is based on 1980's Miami, which was a major cocaine trans-shipment point for South America around that time.

What neighborhoods are in GTA IV in real life?

This rendition of Liberty City has versions of four of the five boroughs of New York City, plus New Jersey. Brooklyn is Broker, Queens is Dukes, Manhattan is Algonquin, and The Bronx is Bohan. The state and city of New Jersey is Alderney, which is separate from Liberty City.

What is Sandy Shores in real life?

Sandy shores are areas where deposits of sand or other sediments cover the shoreline. To beachgoers, sandy shores often appear to be devoid of life, made up only of sand, shells, and the occasional piece of driftwood.

What is Trevor's truck in real life?

Canis Bodhi is a 2-door pickup appearing in Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online and it is the personal vehicle of Trevor Philips. It is based on the 1968 Jeep Kaiser M715.

What is Rockford Hills in real life?

Rockford Hills is an upscale neighborhood in Los Santos, and is home to Michael and his family as well as Franklin who has a second home there. The area is based on the real life Beverly Hills.
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