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Why no more Alex Hunter?

While Alex Hunter may not get a return in a future FIFA game, partly because his character was created by EA Sports and partly because it was never as successful as it could have been, FIFA should still release a new story mode.

Why did FIFA stop doing the journey?

The stories left untold

The Journey did feel like a finished product at the end of FIFA 19's instalment, but it left us wanting more nonetheless. As with a lot of great story-based games, movie trilogies and TV shows, there's a lot of mileage to be had in imagining what happened next for these characters.

Why did FIFA and EA split?

EA Sports wants to create its own game called EA Sports FC by ending its licensing agreement with FIFA. A representative for EA said the new game would be a defining moment for them. It will allow EA to provide fans with a more joyful, creative, progressive, and interactive experience.

Will the journey ever come back to FIFA?

As of now, there are no plans to bring the Journey back for future versions of FIFA, but Hunter and Williams both had cameos in Volta Football in FIFA 20.

Is Alex Hunter coming back?

The FIFA Story Mode

While Alex Hunter may not get a return in a future FIFA game, partly because his character was created by EA Sports and partly because it was never as successful as it could have been, FIFA should still release a new story mode.

Why FIFA The Journey Failed

Where is Alex Hunter now?

Real Madrid are pleased to confirm the transfer of 19-year-old English forward Alex Hunter. Hunter has completed his rise to the pinnacle of world football after taking the Premier League by storm as a 17-year-old.

Will FIFA 23 have story mode?

Plus, Ted Lasso and FIFA 23 have teamed up, allowing you to play as AFC Richmond in a number of different game modes (there's no story mode to play with them, though).

Who will take over FIFA after EA?

EA Sports has announced that FIFA 23 will be the very last in its long-running series of football video games - to be replaced by a new franchise called EA Sports FC.

How old is Alex Hunter in FIFA 19?

Hunter joins Real Madrid

At the beginning of August it emerged that Hunter - now 19 years of age - had secured a move to Real Madrid.

Why is FIFA losing its name?

FIFA, one of the most popular video game franchises, will be renamed EA Sports FC after the game's publisher, Electronic Arts Inc., failed to reach a new licensing agreement with the world soccer governing body of the same name.

Did EA abandon origin?

Origin is a digital distribution platform developed by Electronic Arts for purchasing and playing video games. In October 2022, Origin ceased operations for its Windows platform, directing players to EA Play. The Mac and mobile versions remain online.

What will replace FIFA?

EA promises "the same great experiences, modes, leagues, tournaments, clubs and athletes," so FIFA fans can rest easy. EA Sports FC will be the new name for the publisher's football series when it releases next year, with FIFA 23 being the last instalment in the franchise as we know it.

Did FIFA lose their license?

They provided the license, but they have lost the muscle. When the news broke in May 2022, Gianni Infantino, the head of the organization, rushed to the news to declare that "the only authentic, real game that has the FIFA name will be the best one available for gamers and football fans".

Is FIFA 23 Cancelled?

The game reached more than 10.3 million players during its first week, setting a record for the "biggest launch period" in the history of the FIFA series. Of note, FIFA 23 is the final entry in the series from EA bearing that name. 2023's game will be called EA Sports FC due to EA and FIFA breaking up.

Is EA losing FIFA?

The breakup means that EA's series will no longer be able to call itself FIFA—it will now be known as (the less catchy) EA Sports FC—and will lose access to global tournaments, following with the Women's World Cup in 2023. But it's FIFA that stands to lose the most from the parting.

Why will FIFA 23 be the last?

The latest installment of FIFA 23 will be the last under the partnership between the two entities. After this release, all future games will cease using the FIFA name or branding, and the World Cup will also cease being a part of it as an official FIFA event. Instead, the game will be renamed EA Sports FC.

Why is Maradona being removed from FIFA?

Footballer Diego Maradona has been "suspended" from FIFA due to a third party legal dispute. As per an in-game notice from the EA Sports team, Maradona will no longer appear in FIFA titles and will not be attainable via Ultimate Team Packs.

Why is Brazil not in FIFA 23?

The reason why the legitimate Brazil team was not in the game is due to licensing issues.

What teams are missing from FIFA 23?

Ecuador, Senegal, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Costa Rica, Japan, Cameroon, Serbia, Switzerland, South Korea and Uruguay are all missing from FIFA 23, whilst the Brazilian national team will have generic players.

What happens if you retire in FIFA 23?

In FIFA career mode, there is access to a wide range of players, but some of these players retire every year. So FIFA compensates by replacing the retiring players with computer regenerated ones or “Regens” for short.

Will FIFA 23 be crossed?

Yes, FIFA 23 does support crossplay, for the first time in the football franchise's history.

Is Alex Hunter mixed race?

Hunter is multiracial, with a white father and black mother. His life goal is to play as a professional footballer. His grandfather, Jim Hunter, was a former player who scored 22 goals in the 1968–69 season.

Is Alex Hunter Marcus Rashford?

Speaking at EA Sports' FIFA 17 review day in Vancouver, producer Mat Prior told Dream Team: “Alex Hunter's not really based on anyone per se. People might think we wrote the Marcus Rashford story – but this has been in production for a number of years before that so it is just a case of life imitating art.

What was the last FIFA with Alex Hunter?

FIFA 18. After a successful professional debut, Alex returns as an established player in FIFA 18: The Journey: Hunter Returns. His new goal is to establish himself in international play. Along with his new best friend, Danny Williams, the two play against some Brazilian children during a 3v3 game on holiday.
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