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Well it’s been 1 week now since beta was released.  I can say I’m mostly done with Evil Genius Online.  I really tried to give it a chance, but I can’t find a reason anymore to open the game.

It’s just a grind when you open the game:

  • Click to get your gold
  • Click to ask other users for resources you can’t get otherwise
  • Assign them to new tasks
  • Send minions to bed or they are useless
  • Only build basic items as anything nice cost diamonds (real money currency)

After doing the above you close the window and wait.  A few hours later rinse and repeat.  What’s the point?  There isn’t anything fun about it that makes me want to come back.  I really wanted to get behind the game and support it if/until an Evil Genius 2.  I’ll keep reporting on the development and watch for a real Evil Genius 2, but I won’t be playing as much unless they go through some major changes.


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