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Looks like Rebellion updated their Press Kit yesterday as a new download revealed almost 1.5 gigs more of content.  Looking through the folder we found a new video, not yet released on their YouTube channel.

This video shows actual Pre-Alpha Captured In-Game footage.  While the original trailer they release stated it was not from in game footage, it’s great to see it here.

It appears to be footage of these items in order of occurrence:


  • A shot of worker minions in beds and lockers

Training Room

  • Female worker minion training to become a guard

Shark Tank Trap Concept Render

Control Room

  • Scientist Minions working the control panels
  • Maximilian standing watch over his minions

Overview of an island with lair/base


  • Scientist minions are injecting military minions with a super serum

Training Room

  • Guards minions are training to become militia minions

Laser Trap Concept Render

Base Layout and Builder

  • Worker minions blowing up a new room in the layout builder view, appears to be some kind of advanced training room as you’ll see the normal training room above.  Maybe they’ve come up with normal/advanced training rooms or training rooms are now specific to the type of minion?


  • Brainwashing interrogation by a scientist minion

Training Room

  • Militia minions training to become ninjas

Staff Room

Worker minion improving his stats by playing video games

If we’ve missed anything please comment and enjoy!

EViL GENiUS 2 Pre-Alpha In Game Footage


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