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Free download of the original Evil Genius sound track.

Some sinister sounds, straight to your ears.

Greetings, minions.

We’ve been absent for a while, but we have a gift for you. We’re nice like that. James Hannigan’s Evil Genius Soundtrack has been missing in action for quite some time – but, in our weekly lair excavations, we stumbled across a mysterious encrypted container, and struck audio gold!

We thought we should sell it on the black market in a typically rash act of wanton capitalism but thought better of it in a rare moment of weakness. Instead – go here to sign up for the Evil Genius newsletter, and we’ll send you a link to download the Evil Genius Soundtrack for yourself, absolutely free. We know, it’s very out of character for masterminds such as ourselves.

We’ll be back soon with more news on our future plans for world domination.

Until then,

Stay Safe, Stay Sinister


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