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H, A, double L, O, W, double E, N, spells Halloween, and the very first one for Spellbreak is coming soon. The spellslingin’ battle royale’s newest content will feature a Halloween theme and give us a new mode, new talents, and more.

Spellbreak is a multiplayer action game for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch and will be releasing its first season update titled Prologue: The Gathering Storm, on October 22. The Gathering Storm is looking to be packed with new fun additions to the game like a Clash Mode, weekly quests, new talents to choose from, spooky Halloween content including cosmetics.

Going more into specifics, developer Proletariat has stated the following will be coming with the latest update:

  • Prologue: The Gathering Storm is going to be free to all players and feature weekly quests with unique rewards
  • The new Clash Mode will be a 9v9 team deathmatch with 3 squads per team
  • New Talents that will enable players to further customize their playstyle
    • Vigor: This will provide battlemages with bonus health
    • Ambidextrous: Gives the player each set of passive class abilities for both gauntlets worn. This means that your offhand gauntlet will provide its specific passives in conjunction with those in your primary gauntlet
    • Foresight: Provides the gift of future sight, revealing nearby players on your minimap and shows where shrines/circles will appear next
  • Hallowed Eve, Spellbreak’s version of Halloween, will come packed with new Outfits, Artifacts, Cloudbursts, Afterglows, Emotes, and Badges

Spellbreak Hallowed SkinsThis is quite a lot of new content to get excited about, much of which will add more variety to Spellbreak’s current gameplay. Clash Mode’s 9v9 sounds the most fascinating, essentially turning 3 squads into a 9-person squad. This will provide a lot of opportunity for you to play with even more friends, as the 3-player squad was quite limited and felt more eSports friendly.

Games celebrating real holidays is always a time for celebration. It makes them more immersive and enjoyable. We can only anticipate that the cosmetics available during Hallowed Eve will be both festive and eye-catching, but not have such a large cost attached to it. Real money purchases have a way of sucking the fun out of an event and we can only hope that Proletariat is a little more forgiving in this area.

You can enjoy the Hallowed Eve seasonal update very soon as it goes live on October 22.

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