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A lot has changed in our journey from Egypt and Athens to the shores of 9th-century England. Ranged combat has always been handled different across different entries in the Assassin’s Creed series, but the drastic change from Origins and Odyssey to Valhalla may seem like a significant downgrade. Whereas in entries like Odyssey, players could swap between ammo types, Valhalla ditches variety for three different bows, all that shoot the same type of arrow but feature different attributes and skills. However, that’s not to say you still can’t have a little fun as a ranged warrior.

What Valhalla did ensure was that players could still blow a ton of stuff up with explosive arrows. The biggest difference, though, is how one obtains arrows that can detonate. And that’s why we’re here. A game just isn’t a game if you can’t blow something up, and Valhalla is no except. Players will need to pay close attention to the skills they unlock to enjoy the satisfying sound of a detonation.

Granted, explosive arrows in Valhalla are actually more of a tool for exploration than a combat mechanic, but you’ll definitely want to sink some time into unlocking this capability.

How to Obtain Explosive Arrows?

To turn your arrows into tools of destruction, you’ll need to unlock the Incendiary Powder Trap skill. When equipped, the skill gives Eivor’s arrows area of effect damage. Unlocking Incendiary Powder Trap means finding the Powder Trap Book of Knowledge, which will take a little exploration. Luckily, you don’t have to wait until late in the game to find the required tome.

Locate the Incendiary Powder Trap Book of Knowledge by following these steps:

  1. Travel to Walden in Grantebridgescire
  2. Follow the Book of Knowledge Wealth Marker
  3. Defeat any enemies in the area or sneak through the area to find the book
  4. Interact with the book to obtain it and learn the skill

After obtaining the Incendiary Powder Trap skill, Valhalla gives players plenty of opportunity to test it out. As you continue to explore the world, you’ll find that the explosive arrows are best used to open up blocked paths. Sure, you can kill a guard or two here and there with them, but these arrows will keep you from having to find explosive pots to dismantle breakable walls and obstacles.

The skill can also be upgraded, but this book will take a little travel. Find this book by:

  1. Heading to Suthsexe
  2. Traveling northwest of Briggsworth, just along the shore of Ember River’s left fork
  3. Follow the wealth marker to within a nearby tower, hidden behind movable furniture.
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