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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War recently released, bringing with it a host of content to consoles and PC. As players chip away at the bevy of offline and online game modes, they’ll happen across Dark Ops challenges. Originally introduced in Black Ops 3, Dark Ops expand upon the core experience and offer a selection of rewards for the most dedicated players. Like in previous installments, Black Ops Cold War’s Dark Ops are among the most difficult to achieve, mostly because Treyarch doesn’t reveal what they are until they’ve already been completed.

For those completionists dying to unlock every aspect of Cold War, we’ve compiled a list of these hidden challenges, which span the game’s campaign, multiplayer and Zombies game modes. Keep in mind, if you’re only worried about the in-game completion percentage, Dark Ops challenges aren’t factored in. They’re only for the most hardcore players!

With each completed challenge, you’ll score either XP, a Calling Card, or both.

Campaign Dark Ops Challenges

  • Retro Gamer
    • Find and unlock all playable arcade cabinets scattered throughout the campaign
  • What do the Numbers Mean?
    • During the Operation Chaos side mission, find and decrypt the floppy disk using the discovered passphrase
  • Akward Chat
    • During the Desperate Measures mission, answer all questions correctly in the elevator ride
  • Cover Your Tracks
    • During the Desperate Measures mission, stash five bodies as Belikov
  • Defiant
    • During the Break on Through mission, try to jump off the bridge
  • Anti-Hero
    • During the Ashes to Ashes mission, kill all marked enemies with takedowns


Zombies Dark Ops Challenges

  • Armed to the Teeth
    • Score 2 fully upgraded weapons, add Ammo Mods, and unlock all 6 perks in one game
  • Box Addict
    • Purchase every weapon from the mystery box in one game
  • The Anvil
    • Use only melee attacks and exfil a game
  • Harbinger of Doom
    • Kill 50 zombies using one support option
  • Checkmate
    • Play all trials on Die Maschine in one game
  • Evil Unleashed
    • Find and complete the Easter egg
  • Social Distancing
    • Reach Round 20 without taking damage
  • Good Enough
    • Reach Round 20 without upgrading or purchasing new weapons
  • Invincible
    • Reach Round 30 without being downed
  • Another Round?
    • Reach Round 100
  • Reaper of the Undead
    • Kill 1,000,000 zombies
  • King of Silverbacks
    • Earn a cumulative high score of 999,999,999 in Dead Ops Arcade
  • Pristine Pelt
    • Defeat Mamaback in Dead Ops Arcade without dying

Multiplayer Dark Ops Challenges

  • Mega Kill
    • Earn the Mega Kill Medal by killing 6 players rapidly
  • Ultra Killer
    • Earn the Ultra Kill Medal by killing 7 players rapidly
  • Chain Killer
    • Earn a Kill Chain by killing more than 7 players rapidly
  • Hard Wipe
    • Kill an entire 4-player squad in Fireteam Mode on your own
  • Relentless Killer
    • Earn 10 Relentless Medals (Score 20 kills without dying)
  • Brutal Killer
    • Earn the Brutal Medal (25 Killstreak)
  • Frenzied Killer
    • Earn the Frenzy Kill Medal (Score 5 Rapid Kills)
  • Back at You
    • Return a frag grenade to your enemy and kill them
  • Underwater Ops
    • Plant C4 on a boat or jetski while underwater and detonate it five times.
  • From the Depths
    • Target and kill 25 enemies that are on a solid surface while you’re underwater (using only a primary or secondary weapon)
  • Nuclear Killer
    • Earn the Nuclear Medal
  • Nuked Out
    • Earn the Nuclear Medal in Free-For-All with no Scorestreak rewards
  • Very Nuclear
    • Earn the Nuclear Medal with 25 weapons
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