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It’s time for another Call of Duty Zombies mode, which means more Easter eggs to try and uncover! Figuring out what secrets Treyarch or Infinity Ward snuck into their Zombies modes is part of the fun of booting up a new Call of Duty. Unless, of course, you’re among those that can’t quite figure the Easter egg out.

With Black Ops Cold War, players were presented with Die Maschine, a multifaceted quest that features unique weapons and a thrilling boss battle. But, making it through the Easter egg isn’t necessarily a breeze. You’ll need to know what you’re looking for and where you should look for it. Or, you can skip the frustration and utilize this quick and easy guide!

We know you’re itching to complete this Zombies Easter egg, so we’ve simplified the steps to the entire process below, including how to unlock the five Wonder Weapons that will make the final boss much easier!

Turn on the Power

Before you can even consider completing the Die Maschine Easter egg, you’ll need to turn on the power. To do so:

  1. Find the green door near the crafting table and spend 500 points to open it
  2. Head up the staircase near purple arrows and spend 750 points to clear the debris
  3. Turn left and head toward the end of the room (toward the purple arrow and spend 1,000 points to clear the doorway
  4. Follow the crash site, past the Jugger-Nog Perk Machine, and spend 1,250 points to clear the path near a large red cross
  5. Go into the tunnel and turn left toward a door to the Facility
  6. Enter the Facility, head to the Control Room, and spend 1,500 points to open the Medical Bay door on your left
  7. Spend 1,500 points at the next door to the Particle Accelerator
  8. Find the Power Icon, spend 1,750 points to unlock the door, and press the Red button

Unlock Pack-A-Punch

With the power turned on, it’s time to grab that Pack-A-Punch. Start by looking for the two Terminal waypoints that should have appeared. The following segment does run on a timer, so be quick!

  1. Activate the Hydro-Energy Infusions at the waypoints
  2. When the anomaly appears, head downstairs and enter it
  3. Within the Dark Aether, follow the path to the Crash Site, spending 1,250 points to clear debris
  4. Follow the Aether Tunnel waypoint and enter the Tunnel for 500 points
  5. Locate the Machine Part in the corner of the room and grab it
  6. Return to the Particle Accelerator and fix the Pack-A-Punch Machine
  7. With the Machine built, leave the Dark Aether

The Pack-A-Punch Machine offers three tier damage and attribute upgrades for your new weapon, costing 5,000, 15,000, and 30,000, respectively.

Unlock the D.I.E. Shockwave Wonder Weapon

Now, you have everything you need to grab the D.I.E. Shockwave Wonder Weapon! Unfortunately, after turning on the power and grabbing a Pack-A-Punch, a Megaton enemy appears.

  1. Kill the Megaton and retrieve the golden key card
  2. Head to the Weapons Lab in the Facility
  3. Opposite the Mystery Box, find a computer and use the keycard
  4. Grab the D.I.E. Remote Control
  5. Return to the Nacht Der Undertoten building at the map’s beginning
  6. Find the first-floor living room and locate a cracked wall opposite the staircase
  7. Interact with the glowing blue hole to activate the D.I.E. Machine
  8. Kill the zombies that spawn (approximately 30)
  9. Discharge the device and head into the newly opened room to find the Shockwave

How to Get the Aetherscope

The Aertherscope is the next part of the puzzle! Head back to the Dark Aether and start searching for the three parts needed to build this component.

  1. Part 1 can be found on top of the Crashed Plane
  2. Part 2 is found below the outer staircase of the Nacht Der Untoten building
  3. Part 3 is at the Particle Accelerator behind the Fast Travel Point
  4. Return to a Crafting Bench and build the Aetherscope

Finding Doctor Vogel’s Diary / Speaking with the Three Anomalies

This is technically the first step of the Easter egg. Everything that preceded this makes the Easter egg much easier to complete. To start the hunt for Doctor Vogel’s Diary, return to the Dark Aether and find the Medical Bay. His diary will be waiting near the old computer. This will spawn three Spectral Anomalies that you will need to find. They can be located:

  1. Anomaly 1 is on the Medical Bay’s lowest floor, beneath the office the diary was in
  2. Anomaly 2 is in the Control Room, directly to the right
  3. Anomaly 3 is in the Particle Accelerator Room, near the Workbench
  4. Leave the Dark Aether and return to the Medical bay
  5. Interact with the computer and input the correct password

The key to completing the Die Maschine Easter egg is ensuring you have all the necessary Wonder Weapons. The following segments detail how to collect each elemental firearm.

How to Unlock the D.I.E. Cryo-Emitter Wonder Weapon

Let’s beef up those Wonder Weapons for the fight ahead.

  1. Head to the Penthouse at the top of the Nacht Der Untoten building
  2. Move to the edge near the green tarp and find a box to your left
  3. Shoot the box and pick up the Flask in the Pond area below
  4. Find the tree covered in fungus and lure a Megaton near it, forcing it to use its radio-active attack
  5. Collect the fungus by interacting with it
  6. Return to the Medical Bay in the Facility
  7. Interact with the chained box near the Particle Accelerator door to find the D.I.E. Cryo-Emitter

That’s two! Just three more Wonder Weapons to go.

How to Unlock the D.I.E. Nova 5 Wonder Weapon

Start your search for the Nova 5 Wonder Weapon at the Mezzanine Room atop the Nacht Der Untoten building.

  1. Here, you’ll find a gold canister just out of reach
  2. Use the Suction Ability of your Wonder Weapons to pull the canister toward you
  3. Return to the Weapons Lab in the Facility and insert the canister in the white machine to the right of the large blueprint on the wall
  4. Kill the Plaguehound that spawns
  5. Retrieve the infected canister and head to the Crash Site
  6. Locate the Crashed Plane and a small box nearby
  7. Interact with the box, then melee it to retrieve the D.I.E. Nova 5 Wonder Weapon

How to Unlock the D.I.E. Electrobolt Wonder Weapon

Add a spark to your arsenal with the Electrobolt Wonder Weapon. So long as you have the Shockwave, you can start looking for this weapon by entering the Dark Aether Portal in the Particle Accelerator Room near the Pack-A-Punch Machine.

Once in the alternate realm, you’ll collect three energy crystals and return them to the Particle Accelerator Room. You can only carry one crystal at a time, so once you’ve retrieved one, head back to the Accelerator and add the crystal into the box found on the first floor.

The crystals can be found:

  1. Near the entrance of the Tunnel at the Crash Site
  2. On the roof of the Nacht Der Untoten building, just above the Stamina-Up Machine
  3. Near the mystery box in the Pond located by the path heading to the Facility Tunnel

With all three crystals inserted into the box, you’ll receive the D.I.E. Electrobolt Wonder Weapon.

How to Unlock the D.I.E. Thermophasic Wonder Weapon

The final Wonder Weapon starts with a trip to the Pond and a return to the Dark Aether. A portion of this segment is time, so be quick!

  1. Return to the Crash Site and find a small box beneath the floating plane
  2. Melee the box and retrieve the Fuse
  3. Quickly return to the Weapons Lab in the Facility
  4. Place the Fuse in the Plasma Cutter across from the Perk Machine
  5. Leave the Dark Aether and head to the Pond
  6. Find the old truck, and the D.I.E. Thermophasic Wonder Weapon will be waiting in a green box on the truck’s bed

With the final Wonder Weapon in your arsenal, we can return to completing this extensive Easter egg!

Raising the Cylinders

After the large device is activated, four cylinders need to be destroyed using the Wonder Weapon variants. Every successful shot causes the cylinders to rise, and once all four have been raised, you can move on to finding the Decontamination Agent.

Finding the Decontamination Agent

We’re almost there! For this step, return to the portal by the Medical Bay and Particle Accelerator to return to the Dark Aether.

  1. Move to the balcony upstairs and interact with the anomaly
  2. Leave the Dark Aether and find the Dark Aether Wrench from the Medical Bay
  3. Head to the Yard and find the old, broken down tank
  4. Use the Dark Aether Wrench to repair the four parts of the tank
  5. Kill the zombie that emerges from the tank
  6. Find the closest crafting table and create a Semtex or Frag Grenade
  7. Throw or place the grenade at the tank’s hatch
  8. Locate the newly destroyed tree at the Crash Site
  9. Near the tree and the nearby Perk Machine is the Decontamination Agent
  10. Return to the Medical Bay and insert the agent into the red slot
  11. Force the spawned Megaton to split into two, then lead them beneath the Decontamination Agent
  12. Return to the Medical bay computer and trigger the lockdown
  13. Defeat the enemies that spawn and QUICKLY return to the surface
  14. Before moving forward, it’s imperative to stock up on supplies for the battle ahead
  15. Head to the Nacht Der Untoten Living Room and enter the Dark Aether
  16. Enter the Omega Outpost and speak with Orlov in the corner
  17. Locate and interact with the photograph he leaves behind

Eradicate the Final Boss!

This is it! The fight you’ve been prepping for this whole time. To complete the Easter egg, protect Orlov from three waves of zombies. If Orlov gets hit, he’ll slow down and impede your progress. Utilize those Wonder Weapons to keep the zombies at bay, as it’s very easy to get overwhelmed.

When the Particle Accelerator is shut down, return to the Pond, avoiding the lightning along the way. At the Pond, interact with the helicopter and revel in having completed the Die Maschine Easter egg!

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