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Originally titled “Gods and Monsters”, Immortals: Fenyx Rising is Ubisoft’s next foray into the Greek mythological world (the first being Assassin’s Creed previous installment, Odyssey) set in the mythical land of the Golden Isle. Players will take control of character Fenyx, who will undergo an adventure to save the Olympic Pantheon from the titan Typhon, who has escaped Tartarus and plans to exact revenge on the gods who wronged him.

The game has been compared to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on more than one occasion, and has received some early praise thanks to its recently released demo on Stadia. The game will have seven distinct regions based on Greek gods for players to explore and is shaping up to be quite an adventure. 

Plans are already in the works for post-launch DLC, according to Ubisoft. For $40 players will be able to purchase the season pass which will consist of daily quests and weekly dungeon challenges, as well as three DLC drops that will introduce players to three new areas. These expansion episodes are promised to be narrative-based and won’t be focused entirely on Greek mythology.

Check out the trailer:

The first planned DLC is “A New God” and will continue where Fenyx left off at the end of the main campaign. The journey will require Fenyx to overcome the Trial of the Olympians in order to be accepted into the Pantheon’s Inner Circle. The gods will watch on as Fenyx undergoes all of the challenges they have placed before her.

The next DLC, “Myths of the Eastern Realms” is set in Chinese Mythology and introduces a new hero, Ku. Ku, will set out on a journey to save mortals and slay monsters utilizing new unique fighting techniques and styles inspired by Chinese martial arts. Players will need to master these techniques if they are to save the frontier of the Sky and Earth, a new mystical land for players to explore.

Finally, the third DLC “The Lost Gods”, will see a return to mythical Greece, only this time as a top-down brawler. Players will take the reigns of another new hero, Ash, who has been specifically chosen by Penyx to bring back the Lost Gods. The DLC will feature a new, mysterious island with regions inspired by the Lost Gods where players will attempt to restore balance on Earth.

Season Pass owners will also be treated to bonus quests which will see Fenyx team up with Hermes, the messenger god of the Greek Pantheon. Additionally, all owners of Immortals: Fenyx Rising should expect free content drops regularly after the game has been released.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising launches December 3 for PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One, both next-gen consoles –PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, and of course, Stadia.

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