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Body horror took a whole new form with Bugsnax, the playful and colorful adventure from Octodad developer Young Horses. Okay, so Bugsnax isn’t really a body horror game. At least not intentionally, but watching the limbs on denizens of Snaktooth change shape is quite unsettling. The fun adventure sends you to the island of Snaktooth, a mysterious world full of creatures that are half bug and half delicious morsels.  During your time on Snaktooth, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the local wildlife – and the best way to do that is to capture them against their will!

Across several unique regions of the island, you’ll find a selection of these critters roaming about. To catch them all, you’ll need to know where to find them, what they enjoy, and the best way to grab them. Below is a guide to help you snag all nine Bugsnax that you’ll find in Garden Grove, the second area you’ll travel to after your arrival on Snaktooth.


Be careful with your traps around this mischievous critter. They’ll gladly knock them away.

Favorite Food: Ketchup, Cheese

Most Active Time of Day: All day

Best Way to Catch: Be sure to have some ketchup and your Sauce Slinger ready! To stun a Bunger, find a pair of them together – which should be pretty easy – and cover one in ketchup. The other will charge at it, causing a collision that will knock both out. That’s your chance to run up to one and grab it!


These treehoppers need to be brought back to the ground before they can be captured.

Favorite Food: N/A

Most Active Time of Day: All day

Best Way to Catch: Using your Trip Shot, follow the Cobhopper’s path. Find two trees it bounces between and set your trap up at the point. The Cobhopper will be brought down to the ground, where you can snag it.

Crispy Snakpod

You’ll have to do some exploring to find a Crispy Snakpod. Once you find them, though, they’re easy to capture.

Favorite Food: N/A

Most Active Time of Day: All day

Best Way to Catch: These motionless Bugsnax only require you to find them, which is the hardest part of capturing one. Once you spot one, move up to it and snag it. Use the Snak Grappler if it’s out of your reach.

Dr. Sodie

Reactive to sauces, Dr. Sodie isn’t a very pleasant Bugsnax. But, you still want one in your collection!

Least Favorite Food: Chocolate, Hot Sauce, Ketchup, Ranch Dressing

Most Active Time of Day: All day

Best Way to Catch: With a Snak Trap and your trusty scanner, Dr. Sodie is as good as yours! Scan it to find its path and set the trap up along it. Once Dr. Sodie is inside, activate the trap to your collection.


These evasive critters can get out of reach very easily, but one simple condiment will bring them back down.

Favorite Food: Cheese, Ketchup, Ranch Dressing

Most Active Time of Day: All day

Best Way to Catch: Search around caves, paying close attention to ceilings to find Fryders. All you need to lure one to you is your Sauce Slinger and some ketchup. Splash some ketchup on the ground, set your Snak Trap near it, and back up. It won’t be long before the Fryder’s temptations get it caught.


This adorable morsel is quite the pain if it decides to hide. Luckily, there are a few tactics to capturing one.

Favorite Food: Hot Sauce

Fears: Bunger

Most Active Time of Day: All day

Best Way to Catch: To capture a Shiskabug, you’ll need to help of a Bunger. The easiest way is to coat the Shiskabug with ketchup and bring a Bunger over. The Bunger will charge the bug, knocking it unconscious and easy to grab.

If you spook the Shiskabug and it hides in a bush, coat the bush in ketchup and employ a Bunger. When the Bunger closes in on the bush, set a Snak Trap right outside of it. The Shiskabug will be forced out and right into your snare. Activate the trap at the right time to score one of these critters.


Your traps aren’t fast enough to catch this zipping insect. But, all things get tired at some point!

Favorite Food: N/A

Most Active Time of Day: 4 am to 4 pm

Best Way to Catch: Have some patience when you find a Sweetiefly zooming around. Wait for one to land on a tree and set a Snak Trap on a Launchpad set atop the little elevated patch by the tree. Aim at the sleeping fly and launch the trap when you’re confident it’s close enough.


It will take a lot to make one of these guys move. Either that or a tangy sauce!

Favorite Food: Cheese, Ketchup

Most Active Time of Day: All day

Best Way to Catch: Weenyworms move for nothing – except ketchup! Toss down your Snak Trap near the worm’s route and place ketchup nearby. Activate the trap once the worm is inside.

White Strabby

 An albino twist on the classic Strabby, this little critter is identical in every way.

Favorite Food: Chocolate

Most Active Time of Day: All day

Best Way to Catch: All you need to know is the path the White Strabby is walking. Scan it to see where it’s moving, set your trap down, and score yourself this tiny treat!

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