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They say money makes the world go round. Well, unfortunately, that’s true even in our digital escapes! Phasmophobia may not be all about the money, but that cash is certainly going to make your ghost hunting career quite a bit easier. As you’re scouring the various desecrated locations around the United States, seeking out the specters lurking in the shadows, there are a few tasks you can undertake to score a bit more of that green.

Below, we’ve broken down an essential list for all paranormal investigators. These three methods will ensure you’re making the most of each investigation so you can quickly upgrade your equipment.

Complete Optional Objectives

With every investigation, you have a primary objective – collect evidence of a spirit and leave the location with your life intact. However, there’s so much more to do if you wish to be a quality ghost hunter. Before you leave the safety of your trailer, check the nearby whiteboard for these optional quests. You’ll find four, but the first one will always be the same – “Discovery what type of Ghost we are dealing with.”

Completing optional objectives scores you more loot. Of course, that means lingering around the location for longer than you may want. Objectives will changes between investigations, so there’s always something new to watch out for. The following is a list of each objective:

  • Find evidence of paranormal activity with an EMF Reader
  • Detect a room below 10° C/50° F with a Thermometer
  • Capture a photo of dirty water in a sink
  • Detect a ghost’s presence with a Motion Sensor
  • Prevent the Ghost from hunting with a Crucifix
  • Have a member of your team witness a Ghost event
  • Cleanse the area near the Ghost using Smudge Sticks
  • Get a ghost to walk through salt
  • Capture a photo of the Ghost

Completing optional objectives will score you $10 per objective completed if you lived and $5 if the

Ghost killed you. However, discovering the type of Ghost will land you a larger reward that’s based on the size of the map.

Capture Ghost Activity on Film

Good, clear photography is a cornerstone of any ghost hunt. Throughout each map, there is a series of items that, if photographed, will land you a few extra bucks. Be sure to bring at least one Photo Camera with you on your hunts. There are six different instances of Ghost Activity, and a camera only holds five photos, so bring a spare if you’re meticulous and want that last image.

For every successful photo, you’ll earn $10 if you survive and $5 if you’re dead. However, the images must be clear, so be sure to check them before leaving the area.

Below, you’ll find all the pictures you can take for some cash:

  • Dead Body
    • This one is a little sick, but you’ll have to sacrifice a friend to grab it. If anyone in your party succumbs to the spirit, find their body and take a photo of it. Maybe it’s necessary for insurance purposes?
  • Dirty Water in a Sink
    • Apparently, a clogged drain is peak paranormal activity, and you’ll want to document it. Check every sink you can for some dirty water and, when you find it, snap a picture.
  • Fingerprints or Footprints
    • If you’re dealing with a Banshee, Poltergeist, Revenant, Spirit, or Wraith, then there may be fingerprints and footprints all over the house. UV lights and glowsticks make them easy to see, so keep an eye out and break out the camera when you find them.
  • The Ghost
    • This one will put you at risk, but it’s really worth the bragging rights. As the specter becomes more active, it’s going to make itself known. Snap a photo at the right time, and you’ll catch its full figure or a shadow for your records.
  • Occult Items
    • In a haunted house, you expect to find things like Ouija Boards, Voodoo Dolls, and even scattered Bones. They’re all part of trying to draw out the spirit. As you’re searching for clues, keep an eye out for one of these items. They’re not always at a location, but if you find one, grab that photo.
  • Spirit Activity
    • The angrier a ghost gets, the more active it will become. Light swill flicker, doors will open and close on their own, phones will ring – it runs the whole gamut. Keep an eye out for activities that can be photographed because that will get you a little extra money.


Getting killed is just a hazard of the job. Luckily, you’re insured. Well, your equipment is, at least. When

you die (and you will at some point), you lose any equipment that you purchased and had on your

person. Luckily, Insurance is on your side. You’ll receive some money to compensate for the lost item

based on the difficulty level. Keep in mind, Professional ghost hunters receive nothing.

  • Amateur Difficulty
    • 50% of the value of your lost items
  • Intermediate Difficulty
    • 25% of the value of your lost items
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