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As if it’s not bad enough that you have to hunt down and identify a deadly specter in Phasmophobia, the overlords pulling the financial strings also want you to complete a few additional tasks! Seeing as how you want that Parabolic Microphone and need those Sanity Pills, you have no choice but to play along.

Luckily, we’re on your side and understand completing the game’s optional objectives can be difficult when you have a murdery ghost on your tail. Whenever you boot up a new location, the trailer’s whiteboard lists four objectives – the first one always being “Discover what type of Ghost we are dealing with.” Below is a complete list of the randomized optional objectives that may fill in the remaining three spots, along with tips on how to complete them.

Remember, for every optional objective you complete, you walk away with a little extra cash. Even if you die. So, sometimes sacrifice is necessary.

Find Evidence of Paranormal Activity with an EMF Reader

Tools Required: EMF Reader

How to Complete: Detect an EMF Reading of level 2 or above

Tips: Thankfully, you don’t have to be with the meter to complete this objective. The best tactic is to locate the ghost room and leave the EMF Reader in it. If you haven’t already found the room, you should equip the EMF Reader while you’re searching for it.

Detect a Room Below 10° C/50° C Fahrenheit with a Thermometer

Tools Required: Thermometer

How to Complete: Achieve a reading of below 10° C/50° F

Tips: If you’re manning the Thermometer, keep an eye on it while scanning the location. If you see a reading of 12° C/53° F, you’re heading in the right direction.

Capture a Photo of Dirty Water in a Sink

Tools Required: Photo Camera

How to Complete: Take a picture of a sink full of dirty water

Tips: Keep an ear open for an audio cue that sounds like running water. That’s the specter tinkering with the faucet. Try to follow the sound and you’ll find your sink full of dirty water. This won’t work if you turn the sinks on for the ghost.

Capture a Photo of the Ghost

Tools Required: Photo Camera

How to Complete: Take an image of the ghost manifesting or hunting players

Tips: You’ll need to tick off the ghost for this one, so make sure you have an escape route planned. Talk a lot, say its name, or use a Ouija board to draw the spirit out of hiding. It will either manifest or go into hunting mode. Always have the Photo Camera at the ready so you don’t miss a shot. Having lower sanity is likely to cause the ghost to start hunting.

Detect a Ghost’s Presence with a Motion Sensor

Tools Required: Motion Sensor

How to Complete: Place a Motion Sensor and wait for the ghost to trigger it

Tips: Avoid placing Motion Sensors in open spaces, save for on the walls of the ghost room. Choose doorways and tight halls that the ghost may move through, especially if you’ve seen activity near them.

Prevent the Ghost from Hunting with a Crucifix

Tools Required: Crucifix

How to Complete: Place a Crucifix where a spirit may manifest and try to draw it into its hunting phase.

Tips: Always leave one player in the van to watch the objective board for this one. It’s hard to tell if it works, and you don’t want to accidentally push the ghost into a frenzy needlessly. Place the Crucifix in an area that’s been active and try to get the ghost to hunt. Note that the effective range of a Crucifix for Banshees is doubled.

Have a Member of Your Team Witness a Ghost Event

Tools Required: N/A

How to Complete: Experience a Ghost Event, like noises, disembodied voices, and visual manifestations.

Tips: You’re more likely to see a ghostly event in the ghost room. Keep in mind, a Ghost Event does not include flickering lights, moving objects, or hunts.

Cleanse the Area Near the Ghost Using Smudge Sticks

Tools Required: Smudge Stick

How to Complete: Use a Smudge Stick to cleanse the Ghost Room

Tips: When you’re about ready to leave the location, grab a Lighter or Candle and the Smudge Stick. Since cleansing prevents the ghost from manifesting or hunting, you’ll kill your chances of clearing any of the other objectives if you use the stick too soon.

Get a Ghost to Walk Through Salt

Tools Required: Salt Shaker

How to Complete: Lay Salt on the ground using the Salt Shaker and wait for a ghost to walk through it

Tips: Like the Motion Sensor, place Salt down in hallways and doorways, especially near areas of high activity.

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