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A good ghost hunter is never without their camera. A great ghost hunter uses it at every opportunity to snapshot potential ghostly activity. On your quest for greatness in Kinetic Games’ digital ghost hunt, you’ll be tasked with snagging several very specific photos. These Phasmophobia photo ops will not only separate you from the novice hunters, but they’ll also grant you extra cash when you finish a job. And as a broke paranormal investigator, you will want all the extra money you can earn.

During your ghost hunts, as you’re gathering clues and evidence to help identify the specter, there are seven photos you’ll want to grab. Keep reading below for a guide on what these are and tips on how to add them to your photo album.

Ouija Board/Voodoo Doll

This is one of the only photos you may not be able to get during some investigations. Ouija boards and voodoo dolls spawn randomly on the map (with some outlets claiming a 33 to 50% chance of spawning), and with everything going on, they’re very easy to overlook.

If an Ouija board does spawn, it’s typically in an attic, closet, or basement. Dolls are less particular about where they show up. Just be sure to snap your picture before interacting with the Ouija board.

Dirty Water

For some reason, when ghosts use the sink, they produce dirty water. For another unknown reason, you must have a photo of this phenomenon. To get a ghost to use the bathroom or kitchen faucet, you just need to tick it off. Call out its name, make a lot of noise, and congregate in one area to get on the specter’s nerves. If you’re not too loud, you’ll hear an audio cue that indicates a sink has been used.

Of course, pushing the ghost too far can also push it into its deadly hunting phase, so be careful of that.


Like finding a needle in a haystack, the bone is just tossed about somewhere on the map. If you’re adamant about getting all photo rewards, it’s best to look for things like the bone before you aggravate the spirit


Teamwork is necessary to grab this photo, as one player needs to use the Photo Camera while the other uses the UV Light or Glowstick. Footprints and fingerprints are very pronounced under UV or Glowstick light, but it’s also easy to pass them by if you’re not paying attention.

What’s great about fingerprints and footprints in Phasmophobia is that they’re also useful in identifying a ghost. Kind of. Out of the 12 ghost types, only these pesky specters leave them:

  • Banshee
  • Poltergeist
  • Revenant
  • Spirit
  • Wraith

Spirit Interactions/Activities

The more you disturb the ghost, the more active it will become. Lights will flicker, radios will turn on, doors will open and close on their own – and each one of these startling acts can be fantastic photo evidence. Once the ghost starts interacting with the environment, have your Photo Camera at the ready. Even if you hear the radio turn on, break out the camera and snap a photo of it to snag this reward. A corpse (see below) will also be counted as a ghost interaction.

Dead Body

Sadly, for this reward, there must be a sacrifice. Since there aren’t dead bodies lying about the map, you’ll need to make one. Or, rather, the ghost will. Either elect one team member to sacrifice themselves or follow the player most likely to slip up and die. Then, snap a picture of their corpse and vacate the premises.

The Ghost

The crème de la crème of ghost hunting photography. Surprisingly, it’s not that hard to earn this reward, but you must be careful not to push your luck. The best way to grab this image is to find the Ghost Room and start calling out the ghost’s name or asking it questions. Eventually, the spirit should manifest as a shadow or a quick flash. If you’re fast enough, you can grab a photo of it.

But how do you learn the ghost’s name, you’re wondering? For that, you’ll want a Spirit Box or Ouija Board. Then, simply ask!

Phasmophobia Photo Reward Tips

Here are a few things to remember as you work to earn these rewards:

  • The Photo Camera only has five images. If you’re hoping to score all seven in one investigation, you’ll need at least two cameras on hand.
  • Fingerprints don’t need to be illuminated to be recorded in the Journal.
  • After taking a picture, check the Journal to make sure the image is properly labeled. Unlabeled images won’t count toward your reward.
  • Even if you die, you’ll still earn a reduced reward for each photo.
  • Reward amounts are $10 per photo if you survive, $5 per photo if you don’t.
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