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Twitch’s Phasmophobia presence continues to grow, and as such, it may be a smart idea to have a cheat sheet of sorts if you expect to get in on the craze. I’ve compiled a few tips to help get you started out as a budding ghost hunter.

General Knowledge

First off, don’t skip the tutorial. It’s a great starting point for you to get to try out some of the available equipment in the game without the stress of a ghost on your tail. Understanding how to use these tools is very important to your growth as a ghost hunter and your success in Phasmophobia.

Anytime you enter a new location, take in your surroundings. Stop to listen for footsteps (not sure why ghost’s have footsteps), look for flickering lights or moving objects, doors that open and close, and any other spooky happenings that indicate the presence of a ghost. It’s also good to look for hidden keys in every room as they will lead to unlocking additional areas for exploration.

Snap photos of items found in the locations you explore. You can earn some extra cash with solid pictures of occult items like voodoo dolls and Ouija boards, as well as discovered bones and footprints. Ouija boards have been known to lower sanity so be careful when dealing with them. To earn cash for the Ouija board, ensure that it is on and lit up prior to taking a photo. Utilizing the Ouija board early on in your investigation can help provide clues necessary for job completion.

To keep your sanity meter high and avoid going crazy, instead of wading your way through various locations in the dark, make sure to stay in well lit areas. But don’t go too crazy with the lights as too many turned on at once can trip a breaker, plunging you back into darkness. Plan ahead accordingly.

Because of its spooky nature, Phasmophobia may feel better when sticking close to friends and other “live” people. However, it is more beneficial to split up into teams or even going solo at times to cover more ground. You can always set up a “safe space” to run back to if things start to get a bit weird.

Cold temperatures are another good indicator of a haunted presence. If you can see your breath, you’re likely not alone.

There are varying ghost types in the game. You can whittle down which type you’re currently facing by going over the recovered evidence and using it to identify the ghost in your journal.

There’s a whiteboard in the truck that provides additional tips on the ghost you’re hunting. It’s a good idea to periodically check it as you may also receive some optional objectives.

Figure out your surroundings very quickly and work in tandem with your team in order to get in and get out safely. Organize escape routes beforehand and don’t think you have to stay in one location for longer than is needed. Sometimes it’s best to vacate an area if ghost activity gets too hot to handle. No point in getting yourself killed, losing out on newly purchased equipment when you could have otherwise moved on to a new location.

On The Hunt

Ghosts will only ever haunt a single room and that room will always be cold. You can check your breath or utilize a thermometer to help gauge if one is near.

When looking for evidence, locate it quickly. The longer you linger, the more hostile towards the players a ghost will become. This will set the ghost into a hunting phase where they attempt to track players down and kill them. Some evidence can only be found during one of these phases so remain cautious.

The lower your sanity, the more likely a ghost will target you. If a ghost is on the hunt, you can hide inside a closet, locker, or anything with a closeable door. Ghosts can’t see through closed doors so you can keep safe in this way.

While taking in your surroundings, a heartbeat sound indicates a ghost is right on top of you. Dirty water in a kitchen or bathroom sink also indicates the presence of a ghost. Luckily, you can run as fast or faster than most ghosts in order to get away with your life. Just be sure you don’t wind up cornering yourself.

Ghosts in Phasmophobia can pick up the sound of your mic, regardless if using push-to-talk. So be sure to keep the chatter to a minimum dring hunts. Make sure not to use the ghost’s name unless you;re wanting it to appear. All this will do is serve to anger it. Instead, attempt to ask it questions and avoid the use of its name when doing so.

When snapping photos, it’s possible that you’ll pick up some ghost activity. Unfortunately, ghost orbs are only visible in this way so you’ll have to view them in the truck before you even know they’re there.

Equipment Expertise

Equipment is your lifeline. Having the best and right equipment will make you a better ghost hunter and likely lead to keeping your life intact. You can drop certain equipment, like an EMF Reader, in one room and still have it picking up frequencies when you’re in another. It’s a nifty way to pick up ghost activity when you’re not around so try doing this with multiple types of equipment to help narrow down where a ghost is located. If the EMP reader reaches level two, that means that a ghost has interacted with an object in the room. Level three indicates an object has been thrown, and four means the ghost is likely to make an appearance soon.

EMF Readers and Thermometers are the tools which are most consistent in helping to track down paranormal activity. It’s best for all members of a group to start out using them to help quickly narrow down a ghost’s whereabouts.

Angry ghosts make you lose sanity at a faster rate. To determine how angry a ghost has become, check out the digital clock found in the truck. It will show you how long you have until the ghost goes nuclear.

To capture a ghost’s footprints, you can drop some salt in a location like a doorway or high traffic area. You’ll then need to use a UV light or glow stick to discover the footprints. You can drop these items to keep the footprints lit up so you don’t have to carry it with you.

When attempting to use a Spirit Box, ensure that all lights are off. This is the tool that enables you to communicate with a ghost and ask it questions. It’s best to wait until you know exactly where a ghost is currently haunting before attempting to use it as you must also be within 3m of the spirit itself.

When a ghost has reached its boiling point and decides to hunt you and your party members down, crucifixes can be your best friends. Using a crucifix will stop a ghost from its hunt so that you can continue on with your investigation. On the flip side, you can always prevent a ghost from starting its hunt by using smudge sticks. This comes in handy once you know how angry a ghost has become.

These are all the tips we have at the moment so use them wisely. We’re confident that these tips should help to separate yourself from the title of “just another ghost hunter” and survive the night in Phasmophobia.

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