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‘Phasmophobia’: The Ghost Hunters Guide to Finding the Ghost Room

Much like how we have a favorite room in our homes, ghosts, too, have a comfortable space they love to linger in. In Phasmophobia, it’s what we call the “Ghost Room.” As you embark on a ghost hunt, knowing where the Ghost Room is can be the difference between a successful investigation and a failed expedition. Unfortunately, it can also mean certain death if you’re not careful.

Across each location in Phasmophobia, the Ghost Room will be the hottest spot for activity and is pivotal to completing some of the optional objectives. Below, we’ve put together a little guide to help all you aspiring ghost hunters locate the spirit’s most favorite quarters.

Recommended Tools

Every ghost hunter in Phasmophobia needs to have in their employ the right tools to best narrow down the Ghost Room’s location. For starters, those include:

  • EMF Reader
  • Flashlight
  • Video Camera

As you earn more money, you’ll want to consider purchasing:

  • Thermometer
  • Parabolic Microphone
  • Spirit Box

Finding the Ghost Room with Your EMF Reader

Locating the Ghost Room will require a little patience at first, especially since you’re low on high-powered equipment. The quickest route to finding the Ghost Room in Phasmophobia is to equip everyone you can with an EMF Reader. Once you enter the location, split up, and start sweeping the entire building. Be sure to have a flashlight for safety!

Go from room to room and keep your eyes peeled for a high reading. A minimum of 2 can indicate a supernatural presence, but an EMF Level of 5 is really what you want. When you start to get any reading on your EMF Reader, follow the signal to its strongest point.

Once it tops out, you’ve found the Ghost Room. However, that’s far from the most efficient means. Following the EMF Reader is sometimes a guessing game. That’s why you’ll want to upgrade to a Thermometer.

Finding the Ghost Room with Your Thermometer

It’s a well-documented fact (in Phasmophobia) that ghosts lower the temperature of a room. With a Thermometer, this makes it incredibly easy to find them. Anytime your device drops to 10° C/50° F, you know there’s a ghost in the room with you. If it gets even colder, then you’re most definitely in the Ghost Room. Try to get a few readings in a few different rooms, though, as it’s possible for the temperature to dip in more than one room.

Best Tactic for Finding the Ghost Room in Phasmophobia

If you have tools at your disposal, then why not use them? An EMF Reader and Thermometer are very good tools for locating the room, but sometimes it’s nice to have that added verification. That’s when you want to break out things like the Video Camera, Spirit Box, and Parabolic Microphone.

Set up any of those devices in the space you believe to be the Ghost Room and keep an eye (and ear) open for activity. Have someone in the van monitoring audio and video, searching for sound cues and ghostly orbs. If you catch anything and can couple it with a low temperature or high EMF Level, then you know you’re in the right spot.

Notes About the Ghost Room

Though ghosts aren’t bound to their “room,” it’s where the highest level of activity is going to unfold. Just because the temperature may drop and the EMF Reader may spike a little doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in the Ghost Room. Always try to verify with other evidence before trying to finish your objectives. You don’t want to waste time and supplies if you’re not in the right spot.

Additionally, sometimes, the Ghost “Room” can be a hallway. As if things weren’t already difficult and terrifying.

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