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So, you’re booting up another open-world RPG. It’s an exciting thing, but also something met with questions right off the bat. What do you want your character to look like? How will you distribute their skills and attributes? Are you really going with that hair color? In Cyberpunk 2077, it’s all there; but not quite in a way you expect. While most role-playing games lock you into a class, CD PROJEKT RED wanted players to have a more fluid experience and, therefore, allows them to tinker with classes.

Cyberpunk 2077 may encourage players to alter their playstyle and enjoy a more diverse and fluid gaming experience, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hone in on one type of character. Like most RPGs, when you initially build your version of the protagonist, V, and as you level up, you’ll sink points into Attributes. As you improve your Attributes, you unlock skill trees full of Perks that can turn you into a brutal warrior, a master of stealth, or a tech junkie.

If it’s combat you want, then you’ll want to craft the perfect mercenary. Below, we’ve broken down the Attributes you should focus on and some of the best Perks to unlock to craft a battle-hardened soldier.

Building the Perfect Soldier

If you’re looking for that tried-and-true first-person shooter experience, running Solo will want to be your focus. Consider this the “mercenary” of Night City, a one-man army that’s athletic, versatile, and made of pure steel. You’re impervious and strong, ready to take on the challenges ahead with nothing but your trusty firearm.

To go “Solo,” you’ll need to focus your attribute points in your Body and Reflex categories. Your Body attributes effect:

  • Health
  • Stamina
  • Melee
  • Grappling

A higher Reflex will improve your:

  • Evasion
  • Critical Damage

Additionally, sinking points into Body will allow you to open otherwise impassable doors, ensuring you can see all that Night City has to offer.

As for the Perks, there are so many to choose from, but you may want to consider some of the

Following (Note: The number next to the Perk is the required Attribute level needed to unlock):

Reflex Attribute Perks

  • Assault Skill Tree
    • Bulletjock (3)
      • Increases damage with rifles by 3% (Up to 6%)
    • Bullseye (7)
      • Increases rifle and submachine gun damage while aiming by 10%
    • Executioner (7)
      • Deal 25% more damage with rifles and submachine guns to enemies whose health is above 50%
    • Nerves of Steel (11)
      • Increase headshot damage with sniper rifles and precision rifles by 20%
    • Feel the Flow (11)
      • Reduces reload time for assault rifles and submachine guns by 10%
  • Blades Skill Tree
    • Flight of the Sparrow (6)
      • Reduces stamina cost of all blade attacks by 30% (Up to 50%)
    • Deathbolt (8)
      • While wielding a blade, defeating enemies restores 20% health and increases movement speed by 30% for 5 seconds

Body Attribute Perks

  • Athletics Skill Tree
    • Regeneration (3)
      • Health slowly regenerates during combat
    • Invincible (5)
      • Increases max Healthy by 10% (Up to 30%)
    • Divided Attention (11)
      • Allows the player to reload while sprinting, vaulting, and sliding
    • Marathoner (14)
      • Sprinting does not drain Stamina
    • Dog of War (16)
      • Increases Health regen in combat by 15% (Up to 30%)
    • Indestructible (20)
      • Reduces incoming damage by 10%
  • Annihilation Skill Tree
    • Pump It, Louder! (5)
      • Reduces recoil of shotguns and light machine guns by 10%
    • Biathlete (20)
      • Weapon spread does not increase while moving
  • Street Brawler Skill Tree
    • Rush (6)
      • All attacks with a blunt weapon regenerate 3% health over 2 seconds
    • Efficient Blows (6)
      • Reduces blunt weapon stamina cost by 25%
    • Human Fortress (8)
      • Reduces stamina cost of blocking with a blunt weapon by %50
    • Biding Time (18)
      • Blocking attacks with a blunt weapon regenerates 5% health

Intelligence Attribute Perks

  • Cold Blood Skill Tree
    • Will to Survive (5)
      • Increase all resistances by 2.5% per stack of Cold Blood
    • Icy Veins (5)
      • Reduces weapon recoil by 2.5% per stack of Cold Blood
    • Frozen Precision (11)
      • Increases headshot damage by 50%

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