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One of the first things you may notice when you arrive at Night City is that it’s a metropolis built on tech. Everywhere you look, there are gizmos and gadgets waiting to be tinkered with. And all it takes is a really good and proficient Hacker.

When first building your Cyberpunk 2077 character, you’ll determine his or her “class” based on the Attributes you sink points into. To become a Hacker and a techie that can run circles around Bill Gates, there are two Attributes you want to focus on – Intelligence and Cool. When combined together, the Perks (or skills) we’ve recommended will help you become a fruitful Hacker that can do quite a bit without getting your hands dirty.

Building the Perfect Hacker

 As you start to sink Attribute and Perk points into your character, keep the following options in mind. These are the essentials to hacking your way through Night City. While no two Hackers are alike, there are core elements you absolutely want your character to have.

(Note: The number next to the Perk is the required Attribute level needed to unlock):

Intelligence Attribute Perks

  • Breach Protocol Skill Tree
    • Big Sleep (3)
      • Unlocks the Big Sleep daemon, which disables all cameras in the network for 3 min (Up to 6 min)
    • Almost In! (5)
      • Increases the breach time for Breach Protocol by 20% (Up to 40%)
    • Advanced Datamine (5)
      • Upgrades the Datamine daemon, increasing the amount of Eurodollars acquired from Access Points by 50% (Up to 100%)
    • Total Recall (11)
      • The ICEpick daemon reduces all quickhack costs by an additional 1 RAM unit
    • Turret Tamer (12)
      • Unlocks the Turret Tamer daemon, which sets the status of every turret in the network to friendly for 3 min (Up to 6 min)
    • Buffer Optimization (20)
      • Increase the duration of daemon effects by 100%
    • Compression (20)
      • Reduces the lengths of the sequences required to upload daemons by 1
  • Quickhacking Skill Tree
    • Biosynergy (3)
      • Allows RAM to recover during combat. Recover 4 RAM units every 60 sec (Up to 12 units)
    • Forget-Me-Not (5)
      • Eliminating a target affected by a quickhack instantly recovers 1 RAM unit
    • Signal Support (9)
      • Increases quickhack duration by 25% (Up to 50%)
    • School of Hard Hacks (12)
      • Unlocks Crafting Specs for Rare quickhacks
    • Hacker Overlord (16)
      • Unlocks Crafting Specs for Epic quickhacks
    • Optimization (20)
      • Reduces the cost of quickhacks by 1 RAM unit
    • Bartmoss’ Legacy (20)
      • Unlocks Crafting Specs for Legendary quickhacks
    • Master Ram Liberator (20)
      • Increases RAM recovery rate by 50%. +1% per Perk level

Cool Attribute Perks

  • Stealth Skill Tree
    • Crouching Tiger (3)
      • Increases movement speed while sneaking by 20%
    • Ghost (12)
      • Detection time is increased by 20%
    • Restorative Shadows (16)
      • While in stealth, increases Health regen by 25%
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