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Depending on who you talk to, a Ouija Board is either a terrible tool for ghost hunters or the perfect way to instigate a haunting. In Phasmophobia, both tend to be true. This randomized wooden Board may or may not pop up during your hunt, but if it does, you may want to consider using it to get the best supernatural activity.

Knowing how to use a Ouija Board and knowing how to use one safely are two different things. Quite frankly, it’s really hard to use safely, especially in Phasmophobia. However, we’ve put together a quick guide for you on the proper Ouija Board etiquette, how to get a response, and what to do when things go awry.

We’ll give you a hint on that last one – there’s a lot of running involved.

Locating the Ouija Board

The first thing you have to do is find the board. Since there’s only about a 15% chance it will spawn in a haunted location, there’s no guarantee there is even one to locate. Check places you’d expect to find a Ouija Board, like an attic, basement, or tight spaces like closets and storage rooms. Once you find it, that’s pretty much it. It’s ready to be activated.

Using the Ouija Board

Like you would with a Ouija Board in the real world, you’ll want to ask the in-game variety a bunch of questions. Since receiving a response on the Ouija Board isn’t part of your Evidence and it’s not a direct means of completing an Optional Objective, you aren’t mandated to use it. But, it can come in handy when you’re trying to manifest the ghost or force it into its Hunt Phase. Both of those can be tied to Evidence and Optional Objectives, making your ghost hunt a bit more fruitful.

There are several different types of questions you can ask a ghost, including:

  • Victim Questions
    • Questions pertaining to the victim the ghost killed
  • Age Questions
    • Questions pertaining to the ghost’s age
  • Room Questions
    • Questions pertaining to the room the player is in
  • Location Questions
    • Questions pertaining to the ghost’s location
  • Death Questions
    • Questions pertaining to how long a ghost has been dead for

To use the Ouija Board and ask it questions, left-click on it and, if needed, press the push-to-talk key. Start asking some pertinent questions and let the magic happen. As you use the board, though, you will have to be mindful of two things.

Side Effects of the Ouija Board

By using the board, you’re sacrificing your Sanity. If the ghost responds to you, an electromagnetic pulse emanates from the board and reduces the asking player’s Sanity by 5 to 10%, unless the ghost is a Demon. The lower your Sanity, the more prone you are to the ghost’s Hunt Phase.

Additionally, the more you use the board, the angrier a ghost will get. If you push it over the edge and the Ouija Board fails, it will deactivate and you’ll be surrounded by ghostly activity. If this happens, your Sanity will drop by 40%, regardless of if the ghost is a Demon.

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